Breedr Beef Contracts

A secured minimum-price for farmers in the Breedr network.

A new era of price certainty

We’re taking away the stress of market volatility with our guaranteed minimum-price Breedr Beef Contracts for cattle with lifetime health and weight data.

Whether you’re a rearer, grower or finisher – we can support you to build certainty into your business. 

Price Certainty

Plan your business with a known market and end price.

Market Bonus

A fair deal for farmers that rewards when the market rises.

Advanced Payment

Smooth your cash flow as you commit animals with Breedr Impact.

A complete system for livestock farmers

When you join our precision livestock network we give you the tools to produce consistently profitable animals.

Confidence when you buy

Buy with certainty when you choose cattle with weight and lifetime health credentials.

Tools to optimise production

Our free app helps you produce more profitable cattle with higher welfare and less waste.

Price certainty when you sell

Prove the value of your cattle with data when trading online or through a Breedr Beef Contract.


“We’re always searching for exciting and world-leading technologies that will drive agricultural productivity and create a greener and more sustainable food system in the UK. Breedr ticks all of these boxes.”

Innovate UK

Your questions, answered

At Breedr, we believe in being open and transparent.
Here are a few quick questions and answers about the Breedr Beef Contract.

Do I need to join Breedr?
Yes - You need to use the free Breedr Livestock Management app (available on iOS, Android and Web) to record all your livestock performance data, including; weights, medicine usage and movements.
Are you accepting all types of farms and cattle?
Yes - Our goal is to make this as inclusive as possible, covering all types of farms and cattle breeds. As long as you are Red Tractor Farm assured, we'd love to hear from you.
How many cattle do I need to commit?
You decide - How many cattle you want to commit is your choice and what best suits you.
Can I keep other cattle not on contract?
Yes - We welcome multi-enterprise farms and farmers and will never tell you what cattle you can or cannot keep on your holding.
What’s in it for Breedr?
The ability to provide a consistent and predictable supply of quality cattle to meet our customers’ requirements. Breedr charges a competitively low 2% sellers service fee on secure trades made within the network. In short, we only make money when you do!
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