Breedr for Dairy farmers

“It’s easy to track and improve my calf-returns with Breedr’s free app”

Top five benefits of Breedr for Dairy


Track your calves’ welfare to 8 weeks

Breedr is the only app that supports rearers to automatically track the status of every calf – even once they have left the farm – for peace of mind for your milk buyer.


Start or join an integrated beef unit

Invite new farms to join your network and collaborate using finished carcass data & genetic feedback to help breed better beef calves.

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Progress without the paperwork

Easily log births, calving ease, movements, meds and weights as you go for super-fast and paper-free compliance as you farm. 

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Optimise the profitability of every cow

Track and maximise the DLWG of your replacement stock and beef herd – helping you reach target weight sooner for better returns.

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Sell your calves for the best price

Sell your calves with confidence directly to rearers ahead of time – getting a bonus for each calves data history that proves their higher value.

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