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Peace of mind for your calves and your milk contracts

Proud to support ARLA’s Every Calf Has a Value Program

Find reliable new outlets for your calves

Sell your calves with confidence directly to rearers ahead of time – getting a bonus for each calves data history that proves their higher value.

If you have existing relationships with your rearers we can support those, or we can connect you to our network of national rearers to help you establish a reliable outlet for your calves.

Prove your calf welfare with certified calf report

Breedr is the only trading channel that automatically tracks the status of every calf – even once they have left the farm.

When you sell your calf using Breedr to a rearer in our farming network you’ll automatically get a Calf report showing you their individual health status at 8 weeks, ready for you to pass onto your milk buyer.

“My rearer and I have now both got the app, so as I register my calves on BCMS, he can see the pipeline of calves coming through which will allow him to forward-plan a couple of weeks ahead.

Once my calves move to his holding I can access a live report that shows the 8-week status and slaughter age of each calf I have sold to the rearer, which gives me a robust traceability system to comply with the Every Calf Has a Value program.”

Patrick Morris-Eyton, Arla Dairy Farmer

Dedicated account manager

Every dairy farmer gets an account manager, available 5 days a week, we’re here to support you and your rearing network.

  • 5 days a week support
  • Free 1-2-1 farm account set up
  • Quarterly farm visits
  • Access to an extensive trading network
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Breedr Beef Contracts

Breedr Beef Contracts

A new era of price certainty with a secured minimum-price for farmers in the Breedr network.

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Develop strong trading relationships

Invite new farms to join your network and collaborate using free Breedr tools to view cattle supply levels across your supply-chain.

Easy to read graphs help you analyse finished carcass data to identify best genetics and processes to breed better beef calves.

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Dairy beef of the future webinar series

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Join us for a new monthly webinar series where we explore how UK dairy farmers can streamline their dairy beef production and work with other farmers to deliver a step-change in beef productivity post-Brexit.

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Manage your youngstock

Want to manage your youngstock alongside your dairy system?

  • Log meds and weights straight into your phone with our free mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Weigh a cow in 10 secs with our free Crush Mode tool
  • Goodbye paperwork! Complete compliance on the go to save time and hassle on every task

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