Breedr for Finishers

Top five benefits of Breedr for Finishers


Progress without the paperwork

Easily log births, movements, meds and weights as you go for super-fast and paper-free compliance as you farm.

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Buy animals with the best potential

Buy stores and build your own preferred supplier network by identifying which source farms provide your healthiest and fastest-growing animals.

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Optimise the profitability of every cow

Maximise the DLWG of every cow to reach target weight sooner, for less time on farm and more batches per year.

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Animal optimisation
Perfect calf transitions

Perfect your transitions

Measure and improve the impact of weaning and ration changes on animal, group and pen performance.

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Sell your cattle for the best price

Sell your cattle with confidence when you market direct to national processors – with the data history that proves their higher value – only in the Breedr Marketplace.

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“Breedr is transforming the way we farm”

Ian Sturmer, (Beef Farmer of the Year 2019), East Sussex

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Breedr Beef Contracts

Breedr Beef Contracts

A new era of price certainty with a secured minimum-price for farmers in the Breedr network.

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