Farmer-led Integrated Supply Chains

“We’ve set up our own integrated supply chain using Breedr to produce & market consistently high-spec beef”

Ian Sturmer, FW Beef Farmer of the Year 2019, East Sussex”

Top five benefits of Breedr for Integrated Beef


Build your own supply-chain for high quality beef

Invite new farms to join your network and collaborate with you to continually improve animal performance at each step of the chain for consistently in-spec, high-returning cattle.


Predictive analytics to forecast supply

View growth predictions of all the animals in your network to accurately plan farm capacity and market your cattle ahead of time.


Lifetime data to build new marketing opportunities

Easily track animals and their history as they move farm-to-farm, opening potential new markets including exports, premium branded products and antibiotic free beef.


Performance feedback along the chain

Feedback SIRE, growth and carcass information, so decisions can be made where they have the biggest impact. 

Animal Analytics

Simplifying management

Reduce phone calls and labour by managing transactions, booking of animals, haulage days and spare capacity all in the Breedr app. 

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“It’s all about delivering best value from our animal data. We’re supplying insights backwards to the farmers to get the best genetics and rearing into the next batches of cattle, and forwards to the processor to get an extra premium for the end product. By sharing that premium back to our farmers I’m more likely to get good cattle in.”

Doug Dear (Beef Innovator of the Year 2015), North Yorkshire

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