Top five benefits of Breedr for Suckler Farms


Breeding & calving

Log a birth in seconds while capturing vigour, weight, birthing ease and assign it to the correct Dam/Sire. All available from your mobile with our free app (even if you’re offline) and ready to push to BCMS.

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Progress without the paperwork

Easily log pregnancy tests, bulling, births, movements meds and weights on the go for super-fast compliance as you farm.

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Improve herd genetics

Identify the best Sires & Dams for healthy and fast-growing calves for less time on farm and more profit.

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Optimise the profitability of every cow

Monitor performance, by group, field and animal to increase your revenue and DLWG per animal.

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Sell your cattle for the best price

Sell your cattle with confidence when you market direct to finishers and processors ahead of time – with the data history that proves their higher value.

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“Before, it was all pieces of paper and massive lists, but now it’s all available at the click of a button – when I want to know anything, I just access the app.”

Doug Dear (Beef Innovator of the Year 2015), North Yorkshire

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Breedr Beef Contracts

Breedr Beef Contracts

A new era of price certainty with a secured minimum-price for farmers in the Breedr network.

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