Breeding lies at the foundation of any beef production system. Our suite of free tools makes it easier than ever to start making data-backed decisions throughout each cycle to drive greater genetic advancement.
“Recording and benchmarking performance can help producers increase cow output.”


  • Easily log bulling, AI and introduce/remove Sire activities in real-time
  • Keep track of herd fertility indicators
  • Never miss the prime time to serve with automatic bulling and AI alerts

Log your breeding activities in our free app and help raise £5k for testicular cancer!

Pregnancy Diagnosis

Enter PD results to automatically generate:

  • Estimated calving due-dates, alerts, calendar
  • Pregnancy status updates


Log a birth in seconds while capturing vigour, weight, birthing ease and assign it to the correct Dam/Sire. All available from your mobile with our free app (even if you’re offline) and ready to push to BCMS.

Input the Dam & Sire and record the birthing difficulty, birth weight and offspring vigour to identify the best/worst calving cows and bulls.

“If managed well, calving at two years can significantly improve herd productivity (AHDB, 2019). Each month first calving is delayed by costs on average £43 per heifer (Teagasc, 2018).”


Capture calf weights in just 10 seconds with our stress-free Crush Mode tool.

Monitor animal and group performance using our predictive growth model.

Gain Dam/Sire genetic insights based on offspring weaning weights to inform better breeding decisions.

Achieving a compact calving period will increase average herd weaning weights. 10kg higher weaning weights can increase output by av. £20/head (AHDB, 2019)

Breeding KPI report

By logging breeding activities you’ll begin automatically calculating industry recognised KPI’s to start recording and benchmarking performance.

KPIs include

  • Return to Service
  • % cows test positive
  • % calves born alive
  • No. of assisted births
  • Calving period
  • % calving in first 3 weeks
  • Calving interval
  • Gestation period

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