Breedr Guarantee

How to get the benefit of the Breedr Guarantee for your listing

What is the Breedr Guarantee

We know our farmers are proud of their animals and we stand by their data. That is why for every listing that has 2 weights, 1 within the last 14 days and if the farm is Red Tractor or Breedr assured, we will guarantee that listing. This Offers the seller increased visibility for their trade and the buyer enhanced protection so that you can be sure what you are buying is what it says it is. 

How to get the benefit of the Breedr Guarantee for your listing  

If you’re selling your animals, make sure you have weighed them before you create a listing. Our trading team review every listing and you will be contacted and asked if you want your listing to receive the guaranteed seal of approval. If you want to find out more or get pre-approved you can contact the trading team on trading@breedr.co.

If you are buying animals, any listing that has the Breedr Guarantee rosette alongside it is automatically protected under the benefits of the guarantee, but you must make sure that your wagon goes over the first available public weighbridge on its journey to your farm. This is to ensure that we get an accurate weight.

How to claim under the guarantee

When your cattle go over a weighbridge on the way to you and the weighbridge ticket has been returned to Breedr (to trading@breedr.co) we’ll send you an updated invoice and remit any difference to you. 

If you want to make a claim against the guarantee you should contact trading@breedr.co with the following information, the details of which trade you are claiming against, the animal or animals that don’t meet the standard and why. You have 24 hours from when the animals arrive on farm to inspect them and a further 24 hours to tell us if there is a problem.  and Our team will follow up with you within 1 working day of receiving your email. 

Why have the guarantee? 

We know that selling cattle with credentials is the best way to sell livestock and that is why we are putting our name against your listing. The Breedr Guarantee is for you if you are proud of the quality of your animals and the data attached to them. Having your listing Guaranteed by Breedr increases the chances and the price you’ll receive for your animals.