Bulls out for cancer!

This Spring we’re challenging British beef farmers to help raise £5k for testicular cancer!

Every bull you put out with the girls in the free Breedr app will earn a £10 donation to Oddballs Foundation, with an extra 10p added for every bulling/AI activity logged during May & June.

Free breeding tools

Bulling represents the exciting start of a new breeding cycle! You can use our suite of free breeding tools to start making data-backed decisions and drive greater genetic advancement throughout your herd.

Taking part?

Tweet a photo or video with the tag


to earn a £1 for the

Check yourself

Around 2,300 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer every year. Protect yourself with a quick monthly check, so you can spot any changes an early and very curable stage.


I've already turned my bulls out, can I still take part?

Yes! Backdating activities is easy. Simply log any activity as normal and select any date in the past

How do I add my breeding bulls?

You can add breeding bulls by visiting ‘settings’ > ‘sire information’ on mobile or web. View this guide for step-by-step instructions

How do I log these activities in the app?

Our help centre is packed full of useful guides and tips. Check out this article to learn how to log activities in the app

I haven't started using Breedr yet, how do I join?

Click here to create an account if you haven’t already. You can then add your animals and begin logging activities

Are other Breeding features available for suckler farmers?

We have a whole suite of new breeding tools specifically designed for suckler farmers. Find out more, here!

Can I still take part without posing in my undies?!

Of course you can! Our campaign is open and inclusive to everyone

How do we find out the total money raised?

We’ll publish weekly update across our social media channels – follow us to stay in the loop

What about health and safety?

We’d never ask our farmers to put themselves in a dangerous position – posing with a bull (or any animal) is entirely optional and only to be undertaken with expert supervision

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