Farmer Success Manager

Pack your wellies, we’re hiring! 

Come and be part of the change. Breedr is an agtech start up that is breaking ground in the $1 trillion global livestock trading industry to bring livestock trading into the digital age. 

Breedr is building technology which connects farmers, processors and food retailers together to optimise profit, reduce environmental impact and waste to deliver a more sustainable livestock industry, globally. 

Through its Precision Livestock Network and free app for farmers, Breedr enables the livestock supply chain to produce much more efficient livestock – driven by rich analytics – and then sell them in our online precision marketplace.

You’ll be joining the founder and a team that is packed full of experience in the food retail, agricultural supply and food processing sectors combined with industry leading software development. The team is fully remote but with opportunities for regular meetups and social events. We have a fun, collective and relaxed atmosphere. We are looking to expand the team as we are seeing the positive impact and significant growth we’re having in the industry.

To learn more about Breedr and how it is capturing the hearts and minds of the industry, please visit our website – www.breedr.co

Job Description

As a core part of the Breedr team you will be joining the heart of our business, as part of the Farmer Success team – helping to build a culture of ‘farmer first’ within your daily routine. The ideal candidate will have excellent customer service skills, superb written and verbal communication and will be interested and comfortable in a new technology environment. Supporting our growing agricultural customer base, you will play a vital role in the farmers journey on the Breedr software service, providing the best quality customer support for a seamless customer experience.

Key Functions

Provide Technical Support to Farmers and Users

Work directly with farmers and our supply chain users to make their life easier, set them up, enhance their experience and solve their issues. Assist our users in troubleshooting problems, diagnose issues within the software application, identify sources of the problem and work with the tech team to offer solutions.

Contribute to Software Design and Development

Be involved in developing new ideas to make farmers’ lives easier, work closely with Business Development and Software teams to identify opportunities for improvement and resolve potential issues in the development stages to perform quality assurance to ensure a world class product is released to our users.

Assist with Technical Documents and Manuals

Help build farmer friendly user guides that address the ease of use for customers. Assist in generating technical reports focusing on customer issues and resolutions. Become a Breedr superuser and engage with the Breedr product to find bugs, suggest solutions and write articles on its use.

Core Skills and Background.


Please send your CV over to us at careers@breedr.co

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