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Breedr; enabling the livestock supply chain to trade smarter, finance faster and grow better animals.

This agtech start up is breaking ground in the $1 trillion global livestock trading industry to bring livestock trading into the digital age. Breedr is building technology which connects farmers, processors and food retailers together to deliver supply chain transparency, traceability and improvements in the economic and environmental impacts of livestock production. We are developing a suite of tools which will help farmers make better informed decisions about sourcing, breeding and animal management, including animal health to deliver a production base fit for the future.

With some 20 years cumulative experience in agriculture supply, food processing, and grocery retail we have seen first hand the impacts of the lack of relevant technology, tools and intel to make the best decisions. Based on this, Breedr has been founded; founded to revolutionise red meat production for the greater good.

We are now looking to extend our team to deliver significant positive impacts to the industry.

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Job Description

Livestock Supply Chain Operations

Support development of integrated supply chains with Breedr farmers, including adoption of the Breedr livestock and trading technology platform. Manage operations, working directly with farmers to gain feedback, improve productivity and technology. Help coordinate logistics where required, keep current on animal supply and overall market conditions and maintain records of all transactions. Analyse data to support productivity improvements across the supply chain. 

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Support Livestock marketing and procurement activities on the Breedr digital platform, through close collaboration with producers and meat processors.


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