Easy weighing with Breedr

Crush Mode is the world’s smartest weighing tool

Weigh a cow in under 10 seconds

Use Breedr with your weigh scales and EID reader to automatically capture weights, giving you fast results with less stress all round.

“It’s easy to use and I especially like that we can see DLWG’s instantly!”

James Hanby, Gloucestershire

Real-time animal analytics

Review each animal’s performance live at the weigh scale, comparing DLWG within the group. Breedr flags if their growth trend is rising or falling allowing you to immediately take the right course of action.

Informed decisions at the weigh scale

Take the best course of action for each animal while it’s in front of you at the crush: 

  • Give medicines at correct dosage for their weight
  • Six way drafting to groups, fields and pens
  • List for sale on Breedr app confident they’ve reached target weight & spec


“We’re weighing 3x faster with Crush Mode”

Tom Exwood, West Sussex

Weigh scale integration

Breedr integrates with these weigh scales and EID stick readers. We particularly recommend the S3 Weigh scale, which you can buy for just £395 in the Breedr Shop.

Learn how to connect your weigh scale to the Breedr app.

Crush Mode Features

  • Breedr integrates with many weigh scales to automate weigh sessions
  • EID bluetooth sync for fast animal identification
  • View individual animal performance against target weight
  • View av. DLWG since their last weigh session
  • App flags if animals are high or low performers (if DLWG increasing or decreasing)
  • View animal history, withholding status and days on farm while still in the weigh scale
  • Draft animals that have met target weights to sale in Breedr
  • View if animal is in withholding
  • Give a medicine or treatment and log it in the app
  • Add a note to an animal records

Manual cattle weighing

If you’d rather weigh your animals manually that’s easy too, watch this video to find out how.

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