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Breedr Monthly ‘Meat’ Up

Tuesday 17th August at 7:30 pm

Chew the cud at our monthly gathering! Hear first about new features and tools, specialist insights for your farm type, benchmarking and discussion groups plus…


Manor Farm, Dorchester, Dorset

Friday 2nd July at 10:45 am

Bertie Newman (Farmers Weekly Young Farmer of the Year 2021) farms in Dorset in partnership with his parents. Manor Farm is an AHDB strategic farm and covers 607 hectares of which 132 ha is owned and 475 is rented.

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Woofferton Grange Farm, Ludlow, Shropshire

Thursday 1st July at 10:45 am

Andrew Hyde runs this mixed family farm on 1,000 acres, farmed in partnership with his brother, father and uncle.

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Portway Farm, Gloucester

Wednesday 30th June at 10:45 am

Tom Herring runs a mixed finishing and arable unit in Gloucestershire, finishing 1500 cattle a year on his AFU and farming 1800 acres.

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Middle Farm, Wheston, Derbyshire

Tuesday 29th June at 10:45 am

Thomas Hadfield is a high health status calf rearer selling calves through Breedr Trading and rearing calves for the Breedr Beef Contract. Tommy is passionate about maximising the performance and welfare of the calves he rears as he believes this is fundamental to building a sustainable and profitable enterprise.

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Osgodby Grange, Selby, Yorkshire

Monday 28th June at 10:45 am

Doug & Pam Dear contract finish 2,000 cattle a year, placing high emphasis on cattle health, precise feed rations and growth monitoring to maximise growth efficiency, reduce finishing times and ensure a high value carcass.

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Episode 4 – Assessing the value of Micro & Macro Elements in finishing diets

Thursday 22nd April at 7:00 pm

Nutritionist Chris Freeman discusses the science and practical advice for feeding micro and macro nutrients to improve cattle performance.

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Episode 4 – Using data to optimise replacement heifer growth rates

Thursday 15th April at 7:00 pm

James Pemberton and Chris Freeman discuss how to use data to optimise replacement growth rates and dairy productivity on your farm.

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Episode 2 – Transform your suckler farm with animal data (NEW! Breeding KPI Reports)

Thursday 8th April at 7:00 pm

Founder Ian Wheal Breedr and Product Manager Chris Freeman unveil our NEW Breeding KPI reports. Designed to simply and easily transform your suckler herd performance.

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Richard Saddler, Ex Head of Meat, Waitrose