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Breedr Monthly ‘Meat’ Up

Tuesday 15th June at 7:30 pm

Chew the cud at our monthly gathering! Hear first about new features and tools, specialist insights for your farm type, benchmarking and discussion groups plus…


Episode 4 – Assessing the value of Micro & Macro Elements in finishing diets

Thursday 22nd April at 7:00 pm

Nutritionist Chris Freeman discusses the science and practical advice for feeding micro and macro nutrients to improve cattle performance.

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Episode 4 – Using data to optimise replacement heifer growth rates

Thursday 15th April at 7:00 pm

James Pemberton and Chris Freeman discuss how to use data to optimise replacement growth rates and dairy productivity on your farm.

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Episode 2 – Transform your suckler farm with animal data (NEW! Breeding KPI Reports)

Thursday 8th April at 7:00 pm

Founder Ian Wheal Breedr and Product Manager Chris Freeman unveil our NEW Breeding KPI reports. Designed to simply and easily transform your suckler herd performance.

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Episode 3 – Beef contracts & technology: take back control of calf-rearing

Thursday 1st April at 7:00 pm

Founder Ian Wheal and Mel Griffith discuss how beef contracts and technology can help you take back control of your calf-rearing enterprise.

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Episode 3 – Beef contracts & technology: build certainty into your finishing unit

Thursday 25th March at 7:00 pm

How can beef contracts and technology help you build certainty into your finisher enterprise? Ian Wheal and James Pemberton of Breedr unpick the tactics for…

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Episode 2 – Livestock marketing; security through price stability

Thursday 25th February at 7:00 pm

In this episode, Breedr founder Ian Wheal and StraightLine Beef’s Rob Drysdale discusses how integrated livestock production and marketing can ensure greater stability for beef…

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Episode 3 – Using data to prove the financial value of calf health and genetics

Thursday 18th February at 7:00 pm

In this webinar James Wright and diary vet Navaratnam Partheeban discusses calf health, genetics and how using data can prove the financial value.

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Breedr Trading – How to buy a good batch of cattle every time

Monday 8th February at 7:00 pm

In this webinar James Wright takes you through a 40 minute unveiling and demo of the new Breedr trading platform, the only place to buy…

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"Breedr represents a revolution for the meat industry"

Richard Saddler, Ex Head of Meat, Waitrose