Middle Farm, Wheston, Derbyshire

Tues 29th June

Thomas Hadfield is a high health status calf rearer selling calves through Breedr Trading and rearing calves for the Breedr Beef Contract. Tommy is passionate about maximising the performance and welfare of the calves he rears as he believes this is fundamental to building a sustainable and profitable enterprise. The Breedr app is helping Tommy monitor calf KPIs and manage his system in order to improve returns.


10:45am Arrivals & welcome refreshments

11am Welcome & introductions

11:30am A series of three hands-on practical training sessions:

  1. Weighing cattle in 10 seconds with Crush Mode
  2. Easy Medicine Cabinet & Movements tutorial
  3. Data insights for business growth

1pm Lunch

1:45pm Trading & beef contracts

2:15pm: Farm walk

Places are limited so please apply early to secure your spot.

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