Whether you want to rear better animals or just trade smarter, it’s simple when you farm with Breedr.

  • Access Breedr cloud data to predict and boost productivity
  • Understand which genetics, feed system, management style suits your farming system and your customers’ requirements
  • Buy the right animals from the right farmers and sell them to buyers who understand the value of them
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3 easy steps

Connect existing systems
Analyse your data
Trade for maximum profit
Connect existing systems to Breedr

Step 1. Connect existing systems to integrate animal data

  • Breedr works with most farm management platforms – link your farm management system or medicine book to get started
  • Import data directly from farm data sources, such as weigh heads, water weighers, scanners or bolus 
  • Link your regulatory system to stay legal
Analyse data

Step 2. Analyse your data to maximise individual animal performance

  • Monitor the growth of individual animals in your herd – be confident they’re on track for profit
  • Performance charts show which sires have fathered the fastest growing calves – breed a more profitable herd
  • Join benchmarking messaging groups to chat to other farmers about how your animals are performing – learn from the best
Trade on Breedr

Step 3. Trade on the Breedr marketplace to improve your cashflow

  • Predict the best time to sell each individual animal to deliver maximum returns
  • Sell direct to farmers and national buyers who can see your farm credentials and each animal’s history
  • Agree forward contracts months in advance because buyers know they’re getting top-quality produce – great for cashflow, and peace of mind
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Seamless integration with farm management systems

Breedr works with most farm management platforms. 

Simply connect your existing data to the Breedr app to get started.

Cost neutral and fast to set up

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