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Our mission is to make life simpler for farmers, helping you make the best decisions everyday.


Breedr Tracking

Our free platform makes it simpler & faster to track and manage your animals. Breedr Tracking is electronic tag enabled and links directly to all major farm management platforms, allowing you to import and export data with ease.


Tracking Features

  • LOG ACTIVITY Record all activity relating to individual animals, including feed type and medication history.

  • LOG MOVEMENTS Either directly or via your farm management system

  • GROUPS AND FIELDS Manage animals simply in groups and fields.

  • ELECTRONIC EAR TAGS Integrated with leading stick readers and EID management.

  • MOVEMENT AND HOLDING REPORTS Automatically generate movement and holding reports for use with BCMS, ARAMS, ScotID and other regulation systems.

  • SECURE DATA TRANSFER A full solution for the supply chain, Breedr enables you to transfer selected data securely between farms or users. 

  • MOBILE ENABLED Log actions as they happen, saving time and reducing paper work.


Breedr Performance

Manage your animal performance, set targets for sale, utilise data assist with making decisions to increase the returns of your farm, track daily weight gain and input costs.


Performance Features

  • CUSTOMISE DATA CAPTURE Customise the performance metrics you want to track for your farm.

  • SET CARCASS OR LIVE WEIGHT TARGETS Set targets by animal group to match committed sales, and ensure animals are on track.

  • TRACK WEIGHTS, INPUTS AND BREEDING Easily import of track directly on the Breedr mobile app all weights, inputs and genetics.

  • HERD OPTIMISATION Custom analysis to help make future breeding and feed decisions.

  • DAILY WEIGHT GAIN Track the daily weight of your animals.

  • PREDICTED WEIGHTS A key efficiency tool to save time weighing, predicting both current weight and growth timescales for individual animals, allowing you to tailor inputs & sale dates accordingly.

  • DETECT ANOMALIES Find animals that are in need of attention or outside of performance targets.


Breedr Marketing

Whatever size your farm, Breedr gives you the tools to sell directly, promote your farm and obtain the best price.


Marketing Features

  • DIRECT MARKETING Build long-term relationships with processors, retailers and butchers.

  • PROMOTE SPECIALITY LIVESTOCK Organic, free-range, grass-fed or finished, find a buyer for your higher quality animals.

  • TRUSTED TRANSACTIONS Animals linked directly to performance and activities that allows proven standards to be shared with buyers.

  • VIEW & BID ON FORWARD CONTRACTS Keep a step ahead in your finances.

  • CARCASE FEEDBACK Get transparency on discounts and prices before you commit, link that to farm productivity.

  • SIMPLE & FAST Just a few clicks to transfer animals from Tracking into the Marketing arena.

  • ACCREDITATION Promote your farming, environmental and welfare standards, link you Red tractor, RSPCA, organic, Pasture for life and other accreditations to your marketing.


Breedr Profit Centre

By automatically tracking your returns, revenue and committed contracts, Breedr gives you the information you need to forecast, budget and drive farm profitability.


Profit Centre Features

  • TRACK & FORECAST REVENUE By comparing input costs with predicted revenue you can forecast the expected return of investments of both individual animals and specified groups.

  • POST FORWARD CONTACTS Create wanted items and share directly to other farms or publicly.

  • BECOME A PREFERRED SUPPLIER Ensuring reliable repeat business.

  • REVIEW DISCOUNTS Understand the impact of discounts on your revenue and methods to improve carcase specification.

  • MANAGE PRIVATE TRANSACTIONS Deal directly with other farmers and buyers to build profitable long-term relationships.


Join the future of farming

We are currently trialling the Breedr platform with a small number of the UK’s most innovative livestock farmers and research organisations, ahead of the launch in January 2019. 

If you are interested in joining the pilot program, please email a brief description of your farm including herd numbers to 

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