Breedr Marketing

Whatever size your farm, Breedr gives you the tools to sell directly, promote your farm and obtain the best price.


Marketing Features

  • DIRECT MARKETING Build long-term relationships with processors, retailers and butchers.

  • PROMOTE SPECIALITY LIVESTOCK Organic, free-range, grass-fed or finished, find a buyer for your higher quality animals.

  • TRUSTED TRANSACTIONS Animals linked directly to performance and activities that allows proven standards to be shared with buyers.

  • VIEW & BID ON FORWARD CONTRACTS Keep a step ahead in your finances.

  • CARCASE FEEDBACK Get transparency on discounts and prices before you commit, link that to farm productivity.

  • SIMPLE & FAST Just a few clicks to transfer animals from Tracking into the Marketing arena.

  • ACCREDITATION Promote your farming, environmental and welfare standards, link you Red tractor, RSPCA, organic, Pasture for life and other accreditations to your marketing.