Breedr Tracking

Our free platform makes it simpler & faster to track and manage your animals. Breedr Tracking is electronic tag enabled and links directly to all major farm management platforms, allowing you to import and export data with ease.


Tracking Features

  • LOG ACTIVITY Record all activity relating to individual animals, including feed type and medication history.

  • LOG MOVEMENTS Either directly or via your farm management system

  • GROUPS AND FIELDS Manage animals simply in groups and fields.

  • ELECTRONIC EAR TAGS Integrated with leading stick readers and EID management.

  • MOVEMENT AND HOLDING REPORTS Automatically generate movement and holding reports for use with BCMS, ARAMS, ScotID and other regulation systems.

  • SECURE DATA TRANSFER A full solution for the supply chain, Breedr enables you to transfer selected data securely between farms or users. 

  • MOBILE ENABLED Log actions as they happen, saving time and reducing paper work.