Maximise your profit margins with the real-time growth prediction and performance insights you need to produce ultra-efficient high-quality cattle.

With Breedr analytics you'll quickly be able to...

Intervene early with under-performing animals to keep your herd on track for top spec

Monitor and manage the success of your feed conversions to avoid a bad transition

Evolve herd performance by spotting groups, suppliers and genetics that deliver best results

“Breedr is transforming the way we farm”

Ian Sturmer, (Beef Farmer of the Year 2019), East Sussex

Individual animal optimisation

Set custom target weights and track each animal’s performance using our Growth Predictor tool, correcting those behind the curve to maintain your profit margins.

Use the forecast to predict supply and commit to sales ahead of time.

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Animal optimisation

Herd performance

Set target weights and view DLWG by different fields, pen and group to identify which variables deliver the best overall herd performance and financial return.

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“With Breedr I can see how much the calves are gaining each day helping me plan when vaccinations are due and when they’ll be most likely ready to sell.”

Tom Addison, Buckinghamshire

At the weigh scale

Get real-time intel on the DLWG and growth trend for each animal live at the weigh scale helping you make the best decisions while automatically updating your animal records:

  • Give medicine/treatment at correct dosage for their weight
  • Six way drafting to groups, fields and pens
  • List for sale on Breedr app confident they’ve reached target weight & spec
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Buy better cattle

Identify which source farms provide the healthiest and best performing calves and stores and build your own direct supply relationships for overall herd improvement.

Explore setting up your own integrated beef operation

“10 stars! I have already been talking to a couple of farmers that’ve been supplying me with cattle for years. Since using Breedr I’m able to give them feedback on the cattle that perform best and from which farm they come from.”

Dylan Jones, Gwynedd

Improving herd genetics

Identify best performing Sires and Dams using actual breeding values (av. DLWG of offspring) to improve the genetics and optimise the future productivity of your herd.

Here the best sire’s offspring grew on average an extra 0.56kg extra per day, that’s 204kg per year!

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“I’m making an extra £80 gross margin per head just from Breedr’s Sire report.”

Gary Spence, NI

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