Beautifully Efficient Farming

At Breedr we are excited about the global future of the meat and livestock industry and its ability to provide food and source of vital nutrients to the growing global population.

At the heart of the meat and livestock supply chain is farmers who in our eyes are not just farmers, they are environmentalists, entrepreneurs, mechanics, inventors, traders, marketers, fathers and mothers. They are passionate about the produce and animals they care for and place of agricultural the millions of rural communities around the world.

Breedr believes that bringing these amazing minds together with technology that can enable them be the best they possibly can, and through better collaboration, smarter use of data and connecting the supply chain, can create benefit for the entire industry so that it can meet the challenges of the future.

Actionable Insights – data is only useful if it helps make decisions, and at Breedr we aim to provide farmers with the right insights and the right time to that farmers can get the right price for their animals. Increasing productivity, reducing discounts and improving breeding decisions.

Trust and Collaboration – we understand the livestock supply chain is unique, and requires a unique and believe there is a better way for retailers, farmers and processors to work together to grow a more sustainable future for the industry, increasing trust so that buyers and sellers become partners and friends. At Breedr we live this and believe in connecting with other technologies so that life is made easy.

Customer first – we believe understanding our customer is critical to collaboration and building trust, so at Breedr we listen first and think second. Making sure that we not only understand our customers but also making sure we understand our customers’ customers, so that you can improve your output and value that you deliver to those who buyer your produce.

Humble, honest and ambitious- Although we strive for a new and easier way to deliver an amazing solution we also know we are far from perfect, we are not the best at everything but willing to learn. We are an ambitious team who in their own right want to change the world and make changes for the better, not just for themselves but also those around them. We want to make Breedr the best solution there is and to do that we need continually understand your needs and deliver innovative and easy to user solutions for those needs.

Simplicity of Innovation –the best innovation is the ones that just work, we expect innovation to help people make there life easier, deliver value and also excite those that are using it.  

Commercially focused – most importantly we are commercially focused, we want you to be beautifully efficient, generate more profit, help our customers prove to their customers the energy, passion and quality of the produce they grow, process and sell. We believe in lifting the efficiency of the entire chain and through doing that increasing returns and delivering peace of mind through technology.

In a changing world with global markets and changing consumer habits it is critical that technology helps bring the farm to the consumer and consumer to the farm, continue to manage the environment, care for our animals and deliver a sustainable future for our children. With technology and collaboration the opportunity is endless.  

We live in a beautiful world so lets make it the best we can.


Beautifully efficient farming.