Buy and sell cattle with proven credentials for best prices and advanced payments, only in the Breedr online marketplace

3 reasons to market your cattle with Breedr:

Our Growth Predictor helps you keep every animal on-track for top spec and high returns

Connect to buyers willing to pay best prices for consistent cattle produced by Breedr farmers

Access advance payments to finance animal finishing, without compromising your final sale price

Sell cattle with confidence

Farmers in the Breedr network receive relevant offers for their cattle direct to their mobile. 

You’ll see the price before you commit and you can even sell your cattle in advance to secure the deal and help your cash flow.

With Breedr you pay just 1-3% commission depending on the trade.

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“By digitising metrics for meat quality, Breedr has created an online trading network that will reward producers for produce that achieves the specification, improving transparency in the system”

Dr Andrew Cooke, North Wyke Farm

Trade without the paperwork

Animal data transfers seamlessly to BCMS as it moves off farm.

Carcass feedback and remittance is fedback to the app, letting you analyse your animal performance using our free data tools and drive future herd improvements.

Interested in selling cattle with Breedr? Contact mark@breedr.co or call 07985 223527

Explore selling your cattle

“Breedr is trying to simplify the supply chain – and it’s good. Normally, there are too many people in the middle taking a commission, which means they are taking your profit.”

Doug Dear (Beef Innovator of the Year 2015), North Yorkshire

Access advanced cattle payments

With Breedr you can unlock the value of your herd early, releasing cash flow to fund feed or new animals whilst preserving your right to the ultimate sale value of your cattle.

  • Evidence the value of your herd using the animal data captured in the app
  • Finish yourself or access the Breedr network of contract finishers
  • Simple to set up with a small set up fee and low daily product fee

Interested in advanced payments with Breedr? Contact impact@breedr.co

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  • Retain the upside in the value of your animals, getting you the best performance, cashflow and returns
  • Cattle can be sold at the prevailing market price through the Breedr network
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Sell calves and stores with Breedr

Sell calves and stores direct to farmers across the country in the Breedr Marketplace. Either join or establish your own preferred supplied network and build direct relationships with your customers.

  • Receive secure payments quickly and easily in the Breedr app
  • Breedr updates your BCMS for paper-free movements
  • Low commission of 1-3% depending on the trade
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  • Build direct relationships with your customers
  • Join or establish your own preferred supplied network
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