Selling livestock can be a real gamble. After months of care you put them on a truck and hope for the best price on the day.

Marketing online with Breedr is different. You create your own marketing page, list your accreditations and you can start to build relationships with major processors and retailers from day one.

Because you’re a Breedr farmer you are selling each animal with a traceable record, giving buyers confidence in the true value of that animal.

And by knowing ahead of time when each animal will be ready, you can choose to sell now or in the future, putting you in control of your cash flow. 

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  • Simple and fast - just a few clicks to transfer animals from Tracking into the Marketing arena
  • Accreditations - promote your welfare and environmental standards on your profile
  • Promote speciality livestock - including organic, free range, grass-fed or finished to buyers looking for higher quality meat
  • Trusted transactions – thanks to proven animal history you can build profitable long-term relationships direct with buyers
  • Become a preferred supplier – ensuring reliable repeat business
  • Forward contracts – buy or sell in advance
  • Carcase & discounts feedback - helps you monitor improve your performance and specification over time
  • Track and forecast revenue – enter input costs to calculate your expected return on investment