Medicine Cabinet

Keep track of your cattle medicines and treatments on your mobile, for paper-free compliance as you farm.

Log cattle medicines on the move

Say goodbye to the paperwork! Logging a medicine in Breedr will automatically update your animal health records, withdrawal status, medicine stock levels and Vet Med (VMR) reports. 

Compliant with

“Breedr is proving really useful and easy to use – so much so even my Dad is having a go!”

James Pemberton, Staffordshire

Effortlessly add medicines to your cabinet

Simply scan your medicine bottle barcode in the app to automatically add over 500+ NOAH medicines to your cabinet or manually enter the details of any non-NOAH medicines.

Stay Red Tractor compliant

Always be ready for your next Red Tractor virtual audit when you start tracking your medicines in Breedr. View and download reports in RSPCA, Red Tractor and DEFRA format at any time for complete Vet Med compliance as you farm.

More accurate medicine dosings

Use our estimated weights to work out the correct dose for each animal, and analyse your medicines reports to monitor and manage your cattle antibiotic usage. 

“Great phone app! Estimated weights are brilliant for using with medicine dosage, thank you!”

Elaine Taylor, East Sussex
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Collaborate virtually with your Vet

Invite your Vet onto your Breedr account to let them view all your animal health histories, analyse your herd’s illness and treatment trends as well as record medicines on the app as they treat your animals.

Key features

  • Scan your medicine bottle barcode to add to your cabinet
  • Automatically records batch number, quantity and expiry date
  • Full NOAH medication database with up to 500 different medicines
  • Administer medicines against each animal individually or in groups
  • Use predicted or actual weights to administer the correct dosage
  • App automatically recalculates medicine quantities after each dose
  • Record disposal dates and methods
  • Reports available in RSPCA, Red Tractor and DEFRA format

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