“Our herd is more productive with Breedr”

Ian & Michael Sturmer, Farmers Weekly Beef Farmers of the Year 2019

“Meat is now a luxury product and we need to be making sure of the consistent quality and sustainability of these products, to the highest standards. With Breedr we have become aware of the importance of breeding. Variety in the quality of the bulls within a breed is staggering. With the support of Breedr, we are now considering selecting the semen and working with dairy farmers to improve growth rate and performance and meat quality. We can breed animals that use less food, grow more and taste better. That has really excited us. With Breedr we are able to have a more powerful complete supply chain analysis, from the dairy farm right the way through to consumption. If we are going to have a vibrant beef sector in the UK and take advantage of the many export opportunities, I think it’s of paramount importance that we try.”

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