Breedr Performance

Manage your animal performance, set targets for sale, utilise data assist with making decisions to increase the returns of your farm, track daily weight gain and input costs.


Performance Features

  • CUSTOMISE DATA CAPTURE Customise the performance metrics you want to track for your farm.

  • SET CARCASS OR LIVE WEIGHT TARGETS Set targets by animal group to match committed sales, and ensure animals are on track.

  • TRACK WEIGHTS, INPUTS AND BREEDING Easily import of track directly on the Breedr mobile app all weights, inputs and genetics.

  • HERD OPTIMISATION Custom analysis to help make future breeding and feed decisions.

  • DAILY WEIGHT GAIN Track the daily weight of your animals.

  • PREDICTED WEIGHTS A key efficiency tool to save time weighing, predicting both current weight and growth timescales for individual animals, allowing you to tailor inputs & sale dates accordingly.

  • DETECT ANOMALIES Find animals that are in need of attention or outside of performance targets.