No-one values cattle with data more than our network of precision farmers

Your listing goes direct to 3,000 precision farmers who collectively buy thousands of cattle every week and are actively looking for animals backed by weight and health data.

  • 2% sellers commission deducted from the final price
  • Listings sell in 4.5 days (on average)
  • Secure payment received by Breedr before animals are released
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“Since Christmas we’ve sold all our cattle through Breedr. It’s all worked seamlessly and we’ve been paid promptly.”

George Fell, Yorkshire

Sell your cattle where it counts

On average, cattle listed for sale on Breedr Trading achieve 98% of their asking price and are sold within 4½ days.

Plus, with our secure guaranteed payments, sellers are paid two working days after the cattle arrive on the buyer’s farm.

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Sell cattle where it counts

Wanted Adverts

400kg+ native cattle for finishing

Contact: Simon Crabtree - Breedr

Milk Calves. Native or B&W. Wales

Contact: Mel Griffith, Breedr

Continuous demand for 300kg+ TB restricted stores

Contact: James Wright, Breedr

200 to 250kg reared calves

Contact: Simon Crabtree, Breedr

Premium support as standard

Our dedicated Breedr Trading team are on hand to offer a full concierge service, from start to finish, at no additional cost.

This includes:

  • Pre-listing advice on pricing and marketing strategies.
  • Matchmaking service to identify farmers we know will be interest in your stock
  • …and much more, for free!

Call our Trading team for more information: +44 (0) 3300 436327.

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Add cattle with data for sale on Breedr

List your animals with data in minutes

Our smart Import tool also allows you to upload cattle with data quickly and easily. Add them from your existing farm management system, or by using our simple import templates.

Never weighed before? Weigh a cow in under 10 seconds with our free app using Crush Mode.

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Guaranteed secure payments

Once you’ve accepted an offer, the buyer will pay the agreed price through Breedr. You will then be notified when the money has been received to allow you to organise transport.

The funds will then be released to you two working days after the animals arrive on the buyer’s farm.

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Secure Guaranteed Payment

“Selling on Breedr was hassle-free, we achieved the price we wanted and got paid quickly”. 

Gareth Parker, Manor Farm
Breedr Beef Contracts

Breedr Beef Contracts

A new era of price certainty with a secured minimum-price for farmers in the Breedr network.

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