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Breedr performance tools use animal weight information to help you boost the productivity of every animal in your herd. The more often you weigh your livestock the more accurate the tools will be.

Our free app integrates seamlessly with the weigh heads and EID readers listed below, alternatively you can enter weights manually from an analogue crush. 

Compatible with your weighing equipment

We are working to integrate the Breedr app with other weigh heads and EID readers. Please email if you have a request for an integration. 

“It’s all about delivering best value from our animal data. We’re supplying insights backwards to the farmers to get the best genetics and rearing into the next batches of cattle, and forwards to the processor to get an extra premium for the end product. By sharing that premium back to our farmers I’m more likely to get good cattle in.”

Doug Dear (Beef Innovator of the Year 2015), North Yorkshire

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