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+ How do I sign up?

We will soon allow farmers to sign up, however we are currently trialing exclusively with farms in the South and SW of England, if you are interested in joining the trial please contact us.

+ Do I need Electronic ear tags in my animals?

It is not critical, however we recommend getting EID tags to assist with data collection and can help source these if you require.

+ What stick readers scanners can I use?

Currently we integrate with Tru-Test XRS2 and SRS2 stick readers, however more are planned, please contact us if you have specfic requirements

+ Can I integrate with my existing farm management system?

We plan on integrating with all farm management systems in time to ensure we provide the best value to farmers and share data between your systems simply and easily. Currently we can import and export data in a simple way.

+ Can I import my existing animals?

Yes, you can import both animals, weights, and other activities using excel files, please call us for assistance.

+ Can I easily transfer information when I purchase animals?

If you purchase through Breedr then animal data can easily be transfered just through the previous owner moving animals to you, otherwise we can help you with imports.

+ What countries and regions is the system available?

We currently live in the UK and launching in Australia and the USA in 2019.

We currently allow exports of all data to meet your requirements as part of the Performance pricing tier, with the new LIS in UK we will be fully integrated. More news to follow.

+ How much does it cost?

The use of the platform can be viewed on our pricing page, however if you also use us for marketing we charge 0.5% transaction fee with special arrangements for integrated beef schemes. No hidden fees just simple low percentage.

+ Can I pay for animals on invoice not Credit Card?

For some large and regular customers we allow them to pay by invoice, please contact us to see if you fit into that category.

+ Who do I contact if I need help?

If you have got a question please contact us on +44 (0) 1392 241343, or email Ian directly at ian@breedr.co