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Our free app is proven to help farmers produce and market more profitable cattle with higher welfare and less waste.
more cattle in prime spec
5 months faster finishing
faster finishing
1.8 tonnes less feed per cow
less feed p/cow

Easy data capture

Weigh smarter with Crush Mode

Weigh an animal in 10 seconds with Crush Mode and get real-time performance analytics to help you make the best decision straight away.

  • Integration with weigh scales and EID readers
  • Automated weighing of animals with real-time data
  • Six way drafting to Groups, Fields and Pens
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  • Live performance data to drive DLWG
  • Log treatments and medicines at the Crush
  • Log notes and alerts for follow up
  • Check withholding and days on farm before drafting for sale on Breedr
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“We’re weighing 3x faster with Crush Mode”

Tom Exwood, West Sussex

Medicine Cabinet & Vet Med reports

Faster than paper, the medicine cabinet automatically keeps your reports up-to-date so you’re always compliant.

  • Scan your medicine barcode on your phone to fill your cabinet
  • Log treatments against specific animals or groups
  • Automatic compliance reporting for digital audits
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  • Automatically pull in batch numbers, withdrawal and active ingredients
  • App tracks your usage and updates your cabinet levels
  • Analyse your medicine usage and identify improvements in husbandry and sourcing
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“Great phone app! Estimated weights are brilliant for using with medicine dosage, thank you!”

Elaine Taylor, East Sussex

Breeding & calving

Log a birth in seconds while capturing vigour, weight, birthing ease and assign it to the correct Dam/Sire. All available from your mobile with our free app (even if you’re offline) and ready to push to BCMS.

Daily animal management

Monitor on the go

View and update the complete history, weight and performance status of every animal anytime, anywhere on your mobile.

  • Move animals between groups and fields
  • Update animal records in real-time
  • Automated alerts and filters
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  • Look up animal history in the mobile app
  • EID tag and stick reader integration
  • Automated alerts and filters
  • Add notes or actions to follow-up on later
  • Log feed rations by pens and groups
  • App works even if you’re offline, updates automatically when you’re back in signal
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Fields, groups and pens

Organise your farm and monitor your performance by fields, groups and pens, increasing the average DLWG and managing underperforming animals.

  • Monitor performance by group and return
  • Move animals between fields and pens
  • Set targets for weight and age and track animal performance
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  • Bulk log activities to groups of animals and fields
  • Set breeding, terminal and dairy groups in system
  • Capture return per hectare
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“Before, it was all pieces of paper and massive lists, but now it’s all available at the click of a button – when I want to know anything, I just access the app.”

Doug Dear (Beef Innovator of the Year 2015), North Yorkshire

Informed decisions at the weigh scale

Take the best course of action for each animal while it’s in front of you at the crush:

  • Give medicines at correct dosage for their weight
  • Six way drafting to groups, fields and pens
  • List for sale on Breedr app confident they’ve reached target weight & spec

Team collaboration

Add as many team members, farm holdings and animals as you need for seamless real-time collaboration and time saved everyday.

  • Unlimited team members on your account
  • Real-time data updates across the entire team
  • Share alerts and flags for team members
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  • No limit to animals
  • Multiple farm holding
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Regulatory & compliance

Movements, deaths and regulatory

Keep your regulatory information up to date on the go and ready to send to BCMS and ScottEID or pull from APHIS.

  • Move animals between farms and holdings retaining history
  • Log births and deaths directly into the app
  • Automatically import PDF carcass reports
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  • Print out as inspection-ready reports
  • Save regular movements for easy administration
  • Review these and send to BCMS at a click of a button or download these for other systems like APHIS.
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Move off farm

Stay Red Tractor compliant

Always be ready for your next Red Tractor virtual audit when you start tracking your medicines in Breedr. View and download reports in RSPCA, Red Tractor and DEFRA format at any time for complete Vet Med compliance as you farm.

Breedr is compliant with

Breeding tools

Service, PD, weaning & calving tools

Breeding lies at the foundation of any beef production system. Our suite of free tools makes it easier than ever to start making data-backed decisions throughout each cycle to drive greater genetic advancement.

Explore breeding tools

Improve herd genetics

Identify best performing Sires and Dams using actual breeding values (av. DLWG of offspring) to improve the genetics and optimise the future productivity of your herd.

Here the best sire’s offspring grew on average an extra 0.56kg extra per day, that’s 204kg per year!

“I’m making an extra £80 gross margin per head just from Breedr’s Sire report.”

Gary Spence, NI

Breeding KPI report

By logging breeding activities you’ll begin automatically calculating industry recognised KPI’s to start recording and benchmarking performance.

Improve herd performance

Intervene early with under-performing animals to keep your herd on track for top spec

Monitor and manage the success of your feed conversions to avoid a bad transition

Evolve herd performance by spotting groups, suppliers and genetics that deliver best results

Real-time animal analytics

Review each animal’s performance live at the weigh scale, comparing DLWG within the group. Breedr flags if their growth trend is rising or falling allowing you to immediately take the right course of action.

“With Breedr I can see how much the calves are gaining each day helping me plan when vaccinations are due and when they’ll be most likely ready to sell.”

Tom Addison, Buckinghamshire

Individual animal optimisation

Set custom target weights and track each animal’s performance using our Growth Predictor tool, correcting those behind the curve to maintain your profit margins.

Use the forecast to predict supply and commit to sales ahead of time.

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Source farm analysis

Identify which source farms provide the healthiest and best performing calves and stores and build your own direct supply relationships for overall herd improvement.

Explore setting up your own integrated beef operation

“10 stars! I have already been talking to a couple of farmers that’ve been supplying me with cattle for years. Since using Breedr I’m able to give them feedback on the cattle that perform best and from which farm they come from.”

Dylan Jones, Gwynedd

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