At the heart of Breedr are amazing farmers that believe in a better future for the industry. They are focused on producing the best quality meat that consumers demand making Breedr farmers some of the leading farmers in the industry.

Breedr is building The Precision Livestock Network by working with farmers that share our vision and values.  In order to build a sustainable industry, we need to lead the way in innovation and productivity.

Breedr models true partnership between farmers, processors and retailers, to help everyone get the best deal. 


You’re a Breedr farmer if you believe that:

  • Sustainable farming starts with commercial sustainability
  • Great meat-eating quality is what the consumer wants
  • To achieve higher productivity we must have high animal welfare
  • We are here to support the future and you share our passion for the environment
  • Your farm data is your own but you see the value in sharing it
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"I believe that bringing together technology with hard-working farmers enables us to meet the challenges of the future "

Ian Wheal, Breedr CEO