Pack your wellies, we’re hiring!

At Breedr we are excited about the global future of the meat and livestock industry and its ability to provide food and source of vital nutrients to the growing global population.

At the heart of the meat and livestock supply chain are farmers; who to us are environmentalists, entrepreneurs, mechanics, inventors, traders, marketers, fathers and mothers. They are passionate about the produce and animals they care for and the importance of agricultural in rural communities around the world.

Breedr believes that bringing these amazing minds together with the technology to foster collaboration and smarter use of data throughout the supply chain, we can benefit the entire industry and help meet the challenges of the future.

We are technical but also lovers of the outdoors. We want to work with the best people who share the passion for farming, technology and people.

1.    Help customers through constant innovation

2.    Let your work speak for itself

3.    Honesty and transparency, a problem is just an opportunity to find a solution

4.    It is about the journey, lets enjoy it

With offices in London and Chichester there is an opportunity to work in one of the most vibrant technical centres globally or rural setting nestled in the south downs and close to amazing beaches, walks.

We are always looking for amazing people so if you are interested please contact us, pack your wellies and help feed the world.


Current Job Openings

  1. We are currently hiring a number or technical and operational roles if you are interested please contact us.