Our Vision

“I started Breedr in 2018 with the simple aim of helping farmers like my parents prove the quality of their livestock and earn a greater share of the returns.

What started with a handful of farms has grown into a network of thousands of farmers. Together we form the precision livestock network, a thriving community of forward-thinking farmers backed by our world-leading animal productivity, trading & cashflow technology.”

Ian Wheal
Founder & CEO

What We Value

Make tech that just works:

We know how tough farming can be, which is why everything in our app is designed to make farm life easier, faster and as paper-free as possible.

Achieve the extraordinary:

We deliver Innovation that matters. We’re forward-thinking and ambitious, always looking for creative ways to solve tough problems.

Drive positive change:

We’re committed to bringing environmental sustainability to farming by being brave and disruptive, to make a difference for our farmers, our team and our community.

Our People

Ian Wheal

Founder & CEO

James Law


Katia Knechtel

Head of Finance

Nikki Kasser

Head of Customer Success

Paige Savery

Strategy Manager

Chris Freeman

Product Manager (US/UK)

DW Cinnamon

Cattle Procurement Specialist

Morgan Harris

Account Manager

Lillian Harding-Rieder

Customer Success Specialist

Reese Jones

Finance Manager

James Wright

Country Manager (UK)

Liam Farrell

Chief Technical Officer

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