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Breedr is a precision livestock trading and analytics tool. Available on iPhone, Android and Desktop computers. Easy to use, it offers advanced data analytics to improve production, process and transparency. It is a great way to buy and sell livestock.

Why Breedr?

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Grow better animals

  • Save time working out which animals are earning their keep and which are not
  • Understand which genetics, feed system, management style suits your farming system and your customers’ requirements
  • Buy the right animals from the right farmers and sell them to buyers who understand the value of them
Breedr for farmers

Giving the supply chain quality and consistency

  • View and monitor the supply of animals in real-time
  • Consistent quality from proven suppliers
  • Manage animal requirements against your customers’ specification
Breedr for processors and retailers

"Breedr represents a revolution for the meat industry"

Richard Saddler, Ex Head of Meat, Waitrose

Easy integration with existing farm and supply-chain systems

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