Breedr puts you in control of how you grow and market your animals

Weigh head integration
Medicine cabinet
Real time growth chart

1. Capture data on the go

  • Syncs with BCMS
  • Medicine and withdrawal recording
  • Integrates with weigh heads
  • Integrates with on-farm systems & IoT
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2. Boost your herd productivity

  • Set targets & monitor growth rates
  • Produce better quality, tighter spec animals
  • Reduce cost of production & eco footprint
  • Predict the best sale date for top returns
  • Identify which sires produce the best offspring
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3. Market direct for best price

  • Sell remotely without leaving the farm
  • Exclusive deals for animals with weights
  • Market direct to national buyers for the best price
  • Secure payments & fraud prevention
  • Market your animals months in advance
  • Build out your own supply network
  • Source from trusted farmers in the Breedr network
1-3% transaction fee applies per trade
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Works anywhere
Unlimited users
Unlimited animals
Secure data

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""Breedr is transforming the way we farm.""

Ian Sturmer, Beef Farmer of the Year 2019

We’ve spent 2 years developing Breedr.

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