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Breedr works by harnessing the collective intelligence from benchmark farms. Simple and easy to integrate, our tracking technology delivers insights to help you make the best decisions everyday.

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Watch your productivity grow

In our Performance Centre you can track productivity improvements as they happen, putting you firmly in control. Here are some examples of how Breedr Insights can help your business:

carcase specification

With 49% of UK meat delivered Out-of-Spec, we give you the right advice at the right time to keep your animals in spec, and your farm in profit.

sale predictor

Discover the optimum sale date when you can make the most profit from each animal, letting you make key decisions earlier to get the best return for your animals.

daily return calculator

Get a real-time view on your likely financial return, as Breedr effortlessly monitors your animal input costs, growth rates and target sale price.


Sell direct online

Breedr Marketing is an online sale-yard where you can trade directly with buyers, build trusted relationships and sell at the best price.

Breedr represents a revolution for the meat industry
— Richard saddler, Ex Head of meat, waitrose

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Together with Rothamstead University, we are currently piloting Breedr with a select group of livestock farmers. Participation is free and you will receive full training, support as well as free lifetime membership of the Breedr platform.

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