Breedr Beef Contracts

Breedr Beef Contracts

A new era of price certainty with a secured minimum-price for farmers in the Breedr network.

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Breedr is the precision livestock network for forward thinking farmers

Our free app is proven to help farmers produce and market more profitable cattle with higher welfare and less waste.

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“With Breedr we can finish cattle faster to a higher spec, plus get a better price for the weight-history – it’s a game-changer”

Doug Dear, Finisher


Fast & simple data capture as you farm

  • Log movements, meds and weights straight into your phone
  • Weigh a cow in 10 secs with our free Crush Mode tool
  • Goodbye paperwork! Complete compliance on the go
  • Save time and hassle on every task
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“We’re weighing 3x faster with Crush Mode”

Tom Exwood, West Sussex


Maximise productivity from every animal

  • Monitor DLWG of every animal in real-time
  • Growth Predictor keeps cattle on track for top performance
  • Identify best Sires and Dams to improve your herd genetics
  • Compare growth rates by source farm to buy better cattle
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Buy & sell cattle with proven credentials

  • Sell cattle with the data that proves their value
  • Buy better animals with confidence
  • Advance payments and finishing contracts
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