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Breedr is the first app able to track & optimize individual cattle performance through the entire supply chain.

Using individual animal data and AI insights generated from millions of cattle records, we provide practical feedback to help each partner optimize productivity at their stage in the process.

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Our collaborative production model delivers continual & cumulative efficiency-gains to every partner in the chain.

Cow Calf and Seedstock

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Backgrounder and Feedyards

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Packers and Retailers

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About Breedr

Founded by Ian Wheal, the son of a 4th generation rancher, Breedr is more than just your technology partner.

We care about the future of the industry & will support you both in telling the story behind your beef to the market and securing contracts, partnerships & the investment to grow.

We aim to help ranchers double the commercial potential of their beef, while enriching communities and protecting the land for our children’s children.


Join a new era of beef today!

Start (or join) your own smart beef supply chain with Breedr

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Precision tools for your sustainable supply-chain

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Breedr’s revolutionised our farm; the team love it and we’re improving our margins every month.

Dylan Jones

Join a new era of beef today!

Start (or join) your own smart beef supply chain with Breedr

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The Forward-Thinking Farmer

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