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Your data

Why is Breedr free, you’re not a charity?

We made Breedr’s Precision Livestock App completely free to every British Beef farmer because we believe that keeping your records up to date shouldn’t be expensive or time consuming. You can manage your animals, record weights using Crush Mode, track movements and medicines in our android and iOS app for free.

In Breedr there are opportunities to market livestock with up-to-date weight information for the best price, and if you choose to commit to these trades we take a small commission of 1-3% depending on contract.

You can watch Ian Wheal founder of Breedr talk about his vision and why we made the app free – click here

Why should farmers collect animal data?

You wouldn’t sell a car without a logbook, so why do we routinely sell our livestock without the data that proves their value? As farmers we know that not all animals are created equal, but when we market our livestock without the data to prove their value, we’re selling ourselves short.

Breedr makes it easy to track your animal data and turn it into added value; helping you boost the productivity of your herd, and then marketing for a premium price direct to buyers willing to pay extra for animals with a tighter specification.

How does Breedr use my data?

Breedr processes two types of Customer Data (as defined in Clause 2.1.6 of our Ts and Cs). They are:

Personal data – this is any data you provide us about yourself or your staff that identifies a living individual. This includes names, addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers, 

Your personal data is protected by data protection legislation with which Breedr complies fully.  For more information about how we process your personal data (and your rights under data protection legislation) you can read our Privacy Policy at https://www.breedr.co/privacy-policy/

Animal data – this is any data you provide us about your animals. This includes passport numbers, breed information, weight data, medicine and any other information you enter into the Breedr app. As this information is not about people it falls outside data protection legislation but we still keep it confidential unless you instruct us otherwise. 

What happens to animal data?

You will always own the rights to your animal data. In our T&Cs (Clause 15.2) you give us permission (known as a licence) to use your animal data for a limited number of purposes. 

In particular, you allow us to use your animal data to:

  • provide our services to you, including sharing the data with other users but only where you have agreed to do so within the app (e.g. by joining a preferred supplier group); and
  • produce anonymous records and data sets which we use to improve our models which help to predict animal growth and to identify trends which can benefit farmers in the Breedr network. Neither we, nor anybody else, can trace this data back to you or your farm. We will not attempt to re-identify any anonymised data.
Does Breedr sell my data?

No, we will never sell your data. At Breedr we fundamentally believe that you, the farmer, own your data and maintain the right to decide who you share that data with. 

We will never share your Customer Data without your permission.

We will never share aggregated animal data with anyone who is not a Breedr member. 

See “How does Breedr use my data?” for more information on aggregated animal data.

Find out more about how Breedr protects your data in our terms and conditions – https://www.breedr.co/terms-and-conditions/ 

If Breedr doesn’t sell my data and there is no membership fee how does Breedr’s business model work?

Breedr is targeting progressively minded farmers who recognise that drastic change is needed to the way livestock is farmed and are actively seeking ways to improve productivity and efficiency. Our ambition is to provide these farmers with the technology and insight that allows them to deliver better farming (healthier animals, lower antibiotics, improved yield, reduced waste, better profits). By providing tracking, performance and predictive growth tools through Breedr farmers are able to make better decisions producing highly efficient livestock to a tight specification with minimal waste, better animal welfare and a reduced environmental footprint. 

Breedr’s mission is to build a unique trading platform on which farmers choose to trade their animals, using the health and data records captured on Breedr to prove and realise the true value of their animals. In the same way as you would with the service record for your car when you come to sell it. Breedr’s income comes through a transaction fee of 1-3% charged on trades through the platform (Clause 8.4 of our T&Cs). When you join Breedr, you gain access to our tracking, performance and predictive growth tools, which you can use for free.  It is entirely your choice whether you also decide to buy and sell your animals through Breedr. 

At the moment, all services within Breedr are available as part of our basic membership and are therefore free to all farmers who sign up. In the future, as we continue to develop the platform we foresee that there might be some enhanced developments, over and above the core functionality that exists today, which could fall into a Premium Membership category and for which there may be a small annual fee this is why we have split the membership types in our Ts and Cs (clause 8.1). We do not envisage charging for the services that exist today nor will you ever become a Premium Member without agreeing to do so.   

Is my data kept confidential?

Yes. We are required to keep all of your Customer Data confidential (Clause 11.6). We will not share it with others without your agreement unless we have a legal obligation to do so.


If you do agree to share your information with others on Breedr then the other user (or users) must keep it confidential. Similarly, you must keep any information shared with you confidential too (Clause 11.7). If you decide to leave Breedr, to the extent we continue to hold any of your data we will still keep it confidential (Clause 11.8). Please also see “What happens if I want to leave Breedr?” below. 

How does Breedr protect my data from security breaches?
  1. All our data is stored securely using industry standard mechanisms, and is only accessible via the Breedr platform
  2. We actively monitor any new security threats and vulnerabilities to make sure we are keeping it safe.
  3. Password security is the most common way that accounts are accessed that is why we ask you to have a complex password to ensure that the system is not compromised.
  4.  We also ask all farmers to link their regulatory system (BCMS) so no trading is done without buyers and sellers proving they are who they say they are. 

Using Breedr

Can you help migrate from my existing livestock software?

We built Breedr to easily incorporate data and information from lots of sources. Our customer support team are on hand to make it easy for you to transfer over, just get in touch with them once you’ve created your account and they will help set you up.

Do you provide training?

Our farmers tell us that they find using Breedr easy and intuitive, but if you get stuck we have a help centre as well as our customer support team on hand to guide you through any issues.

Is Breedr compatible with my phone or computer?

The Breedr web app is available on any modern web browser, there is no software to download. The Breedr mobile apps are available on iOS 12, Android 6.0.1. Breedr is also available on tablets.

Does Breedr work for sheep?

We know how important having all of your animal records in one place is and we are looking to include Sheep into Breedr in the future. To hear when Breedr works for Sheep please contact us.

What happens if I want to leave Breedr?

You can leave Breedr at any time by emailing us at support@breedr.co. If you leave, your Personal Data and Animal Data will be deleted from the platform after 10 days. (Clause 14.2.3). To the extent we have in the past used your Animal Data (anonymously) to inform our predictive growth models, we retain the right to the models we have generated, including the anonymised Animal Data (clause 14.2.4) as it cannot be removed from our models, but we can and will delete all your historic data records unless you ask us to return them. This way all animal IDs, locations and private information will be permanently deleted from the platform.  Our Ts & Cs do allow us to retain your animal and personal data to the extent it is included within our business and financial records but this is purely for administrative purposes.If you wish, you have 10 days from the day you inform us that you wish to leave Breedr to request that we return a copy of the Customer Data that we hold for you. In this case we will send you a copy of the most recent backup within 30 days (Clause 14.2.3). If you would like a copy of your data please email us at support@breedr.co. 

I'm from Northern Ireland can I still use Breedr?

Yes, you can get all the benefits for Breedr on your farm! APHIS is undergoing an upgrade so we cannot link directly at the moment but you can get an export of your APHIS records and send them to our support team or upload them directly yourself.

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