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Ranch & EID Management app

Streamline your ranch to ensure every individual animal reaches their genetic and financial potential with the Breedr mobile app.

Link your EIDs & Chute weigh unit, collect breed information and map your ranch to improve team efficiency, meat output and financial returns.

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Livestock Marketing

Market direct to our network of feedyards and branded supply chains;  use the Breedr app to prove the value of your stock with data and save $$$'s on transport and commission. 

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Release the cash you need as your animals grow, to smooth out your finances and fund your business growth.

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Livestock App

Save time and improve returns using our unique individual animal management tools


Livestock Marketing

Take control of sourcing and selling with our marketing tools and team.



Unlock cash as your animals grow with our new livestock funding service



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Breedr’s revolutionised our farm; the team love it and we’re improving our margins every month.

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Supercharging all types of farmers

Cow Calf

Discover how to maximise returns from every breeding cycle, market your stores and deliver flexible cashflow with ease.

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Source and track consistently high-returning cattle. EID enabled and link directly to the chute for sorting. Access flexible cash to grow your business.

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Calf Ranch

Source, rear and sell thriving high-returning calves, supported by flexible cash release as they grow.

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Discover how to maximise returns from every breeding cycle and market your lambs better with Breedr.

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Precision tools for your sustainable supply-chain

The Forward-Thinking Farmer

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