“I started Breedr with the simple aim of helping farmers like my parents prove the quality of their livestock to improve their returns. Join us and see the difference Breedr makes to your farm.”

Ian Wheal
Breedr Founder

You can say goodbye to the paperwork – simply log all your births, weights, movements and meds straight into our easy phone app, and Breedr will help keep your farm compliant and running smoothly. Plus weigh your cattle in 10 seconds with Crush Mode and our predictive growth tools will help you produce cattle with better margins and less waste, helping you build a commercially sustainable future for your beef business.

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Choose animals with proven weight and health credentials, only available in the Breedr Marketplace. Plus get buyer protection for cattle with the Breedr Guarantee; simply validate weights on the way to your farm and if they don’t make the grade we’ll refund the difference.

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The Breedr Marketplace brings Britain’s top buyers to you! Your listing goes direct to all 3,000 precision farmers, who collectively buy thousands of cattle every week and are actively looking for animals backed by weight and health data.  With secure payment within 48hrs and low 2% service fee it’s trading on your terms, direct from your phone.

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We’re taking away the stress of market volatility with our secured minimum-price Breedr Beef Contracts for cattle with lifetime health and weight data. Whether you’re a rearer, grower, finisher or dairy farmer, we can support you to build certainty into your business.

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“We’re always searching for exciting and world-leading technologies that will drive agricultural productivity and create a greener and more sustainable food system in the UK. Breedr ticks all of these boxes.”

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