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Discover a more rewarding way to farm; achieve the individual potential of your cattle and sheep while getting more done everyday.

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    Paper-free movements & breeding data

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    Real-time national & local benchmarking

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“With Breedr I'm making better decisions and my growth rates are getting stronger all the time.”

Tom Addison

Discover the benefits of Breedr

    Individual & EID management

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    A more rewarding way to farm:

    On a typical farm the profit from the top 20% of the animals will be cancelled out by poor performance from the bottom 10%. 

    Our unique app lets you continually monitor and benchmark individual and group growth rates against national and local farms. With this, you consistently produce high-returning animals. 


    The knowledge to succeed:

    The powerful reporting suite in the web app gives you the knowledge you need to identify and act on opportunities to improve; e.g. genetics, sourcing, feed, housing, medicines and management.

    All your animals in your pocket:

    Farmers using the app love how easy it is for their whole team to capture and view all their animal data whenever they need it, even if they’re offline or on a different business unit.

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    Breedr App Preview

    Quick weighing with Chute Insights

    World’s fastest weighing app:

    Weigh a sheep in 2 seconds and a cow in 10 seconds with our Chute Insights tool, saving you hours of labour every month.

    Technology that just works:

    Simply connect Breedr to your weigh scales and EID readers via Bluetooth and the data flows instantly into the app, allowing you to keep your hands free to focus on your stock

    Instant intel on your individual animals:

    Make the best decisions even faster with individual growth rates, current market value, time on-farm and withdrawal status displayed for each animal.

    Seamless animal management:

    Experience a stress-free weigh-day with six-way drafting to groups, pastures and pens. It’s quick to log meds, movements, activities and alerts against an animal or group at the crush. You can even list for sale in the Breedr market, complete with their data record to prove their worth.

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    Virtual medicine cabinet

    Goodbye paperwork, hello peace of mind:

    Scan medicine bottles to fill your cabinet, then simply log treatments as you farm to automatically update your animal records, cabinet levels and withdrawal records by animal.

    Continually improve your medicine usage:

    The app automatically tracks and alerts you for medicine withdrawals, and you can continually analyse your medicine usage to identify opportunities for improvement in breeding, sourcing and husbandry.

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    Breedr App Preview
    Breedr App Preview

    Map & Pastures

    Map your farm

    Create your farm in the app and track animal movements between pastures. Your whole team knows where your livestock is at any time.

    Track your grazing

    Track the days of grazing and stocking density across fields to understand field utilisation over the year.

    Easy movements

    Move groups, batches or individual cattle or sheep between fields on your mobile, even if you’re out of signal.

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    Breeding tools

    Save time at calving & lambing:

    Log a birth in seconds (even if you’re offline), assign it to the correct dam/sire & submit your movements all from your phone.

    Discover your own actual breeding values:

    Optimise genetics based on actual breeding values to deliver earlier calving, birthing ease, offspring growth rates and percentage weaned.

    Accelerate herd & flock fertility & output:

    Better track your service period and growth rates using our simple tools, for a tighter calving/lambing spread, DLWG, stronger weaning weights and better cow body condition scores.

    Continually benchmark your KPIs:

    Compare your herd in real-time against national Breedr farms, AHDB guidelines and local farms that are similar to you. This way, you’ll understand how you’re performing and find opportunities for improvement.

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    Breedr App Preview
    Breedr App Preview

    Movements & Breeding Data

    Cut out the red-tape & reclaim your life:

    Make the switch to movements and breeding data on your mobile and free yourself from hours of unnecessary paperwork.

    Get your submissions ready for breed society as you work

    Keep compliant as you farm:

    Log your births, deaths & movements in seconds. You can save regular movements or print out inspection-ready reports complete with animal history transfers between farms and businesses.


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    Frequently asked questions

    How much is Breedr?

    We have plans for every ranch at prices you'll love.  Find out more on our pricing page

    Who owns the data and is it safe with you?

    We fundamentally believe that you, the rancher, own your data and maintain the right to decide who you share that data with. 

    We will never share your Customer Data without your permission.

    We will never share aggregated animal data with anyone who is not a Breedr member.

    Can you help migrate from my existing livestock software?

    We built Breedr to easily incorporate data and information from lots of sources. Our customer success team are on hand to make it easy for you to transfer over, just get in touch with them once you’ve created your account and they will help set you up.

    Will Breedr work on my phone?

    The Breedr web app is available on any modern web browser, there is no software to download.  Breedr is also available on tablets.

    What types of livestock can I manage?

    You can manage your sheep and cattle on Breedr, if you are an enterprise customer looking to support your deer, pork and goat supply chains please contact us 

    What information can I gather with Breedr?

    We make record collection and information gathering easy, primarily this is weights, breeding, medicines, feed, grazing and financial information, there is so much more and if there is something specific you want to record we can support that through our enterprise team. Contact us to find out more.