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Supercharge your livestock performance

Goodbye paperwork, hello compliance

Save hours every week; log your medicines, movements and birth registrations effortlessly in the app to keep your Vet Med and regulatory records up to date and ready for inspection. Movements can be used for NHTC and GAAP records. Generate the data needed for Breed society submissions (contact us) 

Get more done each day

We make it easy to manage your animals at the touch of a button. View every animal’s complete info, log activities, assign to pens, groups or fields, write notes or set alerts from your phone, even if you’re out of signal.

Optimise genetics with actual breeding values

Improve on EPDs thanks to powerful sire and dam reports which give you Actual Breeding Values (ABVs). See which sires and dams have produced the fastest growing offspring across your system so you can accelerate your breeding program to deliver stronger calves and healthier profits.

Maximise your herd’s long-term profit potential

Accelerate herd fertility and output by tracking and benchmarking your breeding KPIs in real-time against national and local suckler farms just like yours, helping you find valuable opportunities for improvement.

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Breedr App Preview
Breedr App Preview

Supercharge your livestock marketing

Sell fast and save up :

List your animals in seconds then get offers direct to your phone, meaning no downtime from the farm. With only 2% commission and no haulage, you can save up to $30 per head and protect your animals from the stress of market.

Prove the value of your stock:

Utilise data to prove out the growth potential of your cattle to prospective buyers and agents. 

Safeguard the health status of your herd:

Know what you’re getting when you source cattle and sheep from our network of progressive farmers. Assess animal quality by viewing individual genetic, health and growth histories before you buy, then direct transport avoids the stress and biosecurity risks of the physical markets.

Explore the livestock market

Supercharge your cashflow

Unlock money from your animals as they grow with Cashflow, our exciting new funding service. Release the cash you need now to smooth out your finances and fund your business ambitions of tomorrow.

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I'm making $100 extra profit on every calf by using Breedr's sire report to select the best performing bulls

Gary Spence


Livestock App

Save time and improve returns using our unique individual animal management tools


Livestock Market

Take control of sourcing and selling with our national online livestock market



Unlock cash as your animals grow with our new livestock funding service

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Introducing CowCalfClub

Accelerate your herd genetics & productivity in under 2 years by following our year-round program - free when you join Breedr.

Let us know you're a suckler farmer when you sign up and we'll send you an A2 SucklerClub wall calendar 

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Frequently asked questions

Can I record Pregnancy test results?

Yes, logging a positive Preg test result will set a pregnant status against any cow. You can also log the time since conception which will generate an alert based on the estimated calving due date.


What other alerts will the app generate for me?

When logging a Bulling or AI activity the app will allow you to set a reminder alert to check for bulling activity, this is pre-set to 20 days but can be changed if required.


Will Breedr calculate my farm’s breeding KPIs?

Yes, whenever you log a breeding activity the app will calculate up to 33 different KPIs. You can then use these to benchmark against industry targets.


What kind of insights do I get on my Dams and Sires?

Breedr ranks the performance of your Dams and Sires based on their offspring’s growth performance, including DLWG, 100day & 200day weights, slaughter weight and carcass grading. The app also presents the calving performance of each Dam and Sire and the vigour of their offspring.


I’ve heard about Breedr’s Cow Calf Club, what is Cow Calf Club?

Cow Calf club is a Breedr-led initiative aimed at supporting it’s Cow Calf Ranchers by providing the tools and knowledge to improve herd fertility and overall performance.

How do I get involved in Cow Calf Club?

When creating your account simply state you are a Cow Calf rancher and you will receive a welcome pack including a Breeding Calendar which outlines the objectives, KPI targets and tasks required for each stage of the breeding cycle.  


I have sheep as well as my Cattle, can I manage them on the same Breedr account?

Yes, you can manage both species from one account.