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Supercharge your calf performance

Instant intel to help reach target weight faster

  • Track your weights, medications and alerts from your phone whilst you’re out and about. Review these to find animals that are underperforming to bring corrective action.
  • Our easy weighing mode gives every animal’s growth rates and current value at the weigh scale, letting you intervene early with poorer performers to keep DLWG strong.
  • Monitor the impact your sourcing, feed rations and animal management have on growth and find opportunities to improve returns.

Empower a more efficient workforce

  • Save hours every week; log your medicines, movements and birth registrations effortlessly in the app to keep your Vet Med and regulatory records up to date and ready for inspection. 
  • Wave goodbye to the paperwork; movements source farm performance and sales performance
  • Improve team work; View every animal’s complete info, log activities, assign to pens, groups or fields, write notes or set alerts to remind the team to check on animals and follow up treatments all from your phone, even if you’re out of signal.

Explore the livestock app

Breedr App Preview
Breedr App Preview

Supercharge your livestock trading

  • Want the best genetics and healthiest calves? Utilise Breedr to improve the quality of calf you get from the dairy farm. Contact the livestock team to find out more.
  • Access to experienced marketing team to support you to generate the data to market your cattle direct to feed-yards and supply chains. 
  • A dedicated team of livestock marketing experts is on hand to assist in pricing, organising logistics and ensuring reared calves are collected quickly and on time.


Explore the livestock market

Supercharge your cashflow

Release money earlier from growing animals

You can now unlock money from your animals as they grow with our new funding service for farmers weighing their cattle using the app.

Whether you want to smooth out your finances, buy more animals or grow your business, our quick approval process makes it easy to release the cash you need.

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"I can calculate growth rates, see the date they’ll be ready to sell and easily spot underperformers; it's brilliant!"

Tom Addison


Livestock App

Save time and improve returns using our unique individual animal management tools


Livestock Market

Take control of sourcing and selling with our national online livestock market



Unlock cash as your animals grow with our new livestock funding service

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Frequently asked questions

How can I record my animal weights?

 The mobile is compatible with a number of different weigh heads and EID stick readers which means you can capture the weights of your animals without touching the phone. If you don’t have this kind of equipment, we can supply them for you via our Shop.

Can I register medicine administrations?

The Breedr mobile app encompasses a virtual medicine cabinet, you can scan the QR code on the medicine bottle to add it to your cabinet, and then you can record a dosage to an animal. This is then recorded in your Medicine Record and Medicine Book reports.


Can the app remind me when to administer another round of medication?

Yes, the app allows you to set alerts for a number of different reasons, which on the day they are due will send you a morning push notification to remind you.


I have multiple farm workers, can they all access the same Breedr account?

Yes, one Breedr account can have multiple users. Each person can download the app on their mobile device and create their own personal username and password. Because the data captured on Breedr is stored in the cloud, everyone’s account will show the same information, regardless of where they are on the farm.

Will the data I capture allow me to understand what farms are best to source my calves from?

We provide 2 specialist reports that allow you to do just that. Based on the performance of the animals recorded on your farm, we are able to trace that back to the farms they were both born on and bought from to show you what farms are providing you with the best stock.

What are the benefits of selling animals through the Breedr network?

Animals bought from other Breedr farms will carry all their historic data with them. This allows you to gain a better understanding of the animal’s performance potential and thus ensures you are selling high value animals as they continue up your supply chain, see the Trading page for more information.

Can Breedr support me buying and selling my animals?

Of course, Breedr has a designated Business Development team who specialise in supporting Breedr farmers source and sell their stock, see the Trading page for more information.