The national livestock market

Take control of your sourcing and selling with knowledge-based trading. Buy and sell animals direct, minimising animal stress and improving growth rates throughout the chain.

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    Trade direct with up to 4,000 of Britain’s best farmers

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    Save £30 per head on commission and transport

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    Over £4m livestock sold to date

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Discover a better way to trade livestock


    Source livestock with total confidence

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    Find the right animals every time:

    Reach far beyond your local area and buy animals with full weight and health history for total transparency.

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    Get a great batch every time:

    Purchase and collect directly online, avoiding the animal stress, health and biosecurity risks of physical markets.

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    Source larger lots from high calibre farms:

    Access up to 4,000 other forward-thinking farmers, using the Breedr performance app to produce better quality animals.

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    Keep it simple and stress-free:
    Take your time to review all the intel on the animals before you make an offer, supported at every stage by our friendly and professional trading team.


    Strong 6 month AAx & BRBx Stores

    Dorset, England

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    Looking for something specific?

    Our professional livestock team can help you source the right cattle and sheep for your system from our growing network of progressive farmers.

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    "I know what I'm buying with Breedr"

    George Fell

    Get the Pro livestock app FREE

    Trade 20+ animals in the Breedr Marketplace and get a 12 month FREE subscription to the Breedr Pro livestock app, worth £354!

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    Sell well without the stress

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    You connect with Britain’s top buyers:

    Why haul your animals around the country when you can market your livestock online, direct to up to 4,000 national buyers?

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    Save up to £30 per head:

    Pay a flat 2% commission with zero haulage costs because Breedr-buyers organise collection.

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    You’ve got the gavel:

    Prove the value of your animals with weight and health data history, and get competitive offers directly from farmers who like what they see.

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    Simple and stress-free selling:

    Create a listing in under 2 minutes and then get on with your working day. Offers come directly to your phone, with most listings selling within days.

    Use the national market for TB restricted cattle:

    We help farmers facing challenging circumstances get the best price for TB restricted stock. Sell to our national network of Authorised Finishing Units with full advice and support with the required paperwork and licences.


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    "Trading with Breedr's been a game-changer. It's 100x quicker, I know what I'm getting & the animals arrive fresher without any risks from mixing at market.

    Laura Awdry

    Supply Chains

    Join or start your own new-generation livestock supply-chain


    Reduce the risk with a guaranteed forward price:

    Farmers using our performance app are consistently producing animals valued by retailers and supermarkets. This unlocks a fair forward-price deal for our network; featuring a competitive minimum-price with 100% uplift if the spot price increases. 

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    How it works:

    Scan in your passports, or EID tags for Sheep, weigh to create a listing, then offers come to you, with low commission and zero transport costs.

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    Make confident decisions, backed by income certainty

    With the security of guaranteed minimum-price returns taking the pressure off your bottom line, you're free to concentrate on managing your inputs and animals to their best potential.

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    How to get started:

    Speak to our national team of livestock experts.

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    James Wright

    UK Country Manager


    Ready to get started?

    Join the precision livestock network for forward-thinking farmers

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    Frequently asked questions

    Is there any commission or buyers premium?

    Breedr charges 2% to the sell when animals are sold, there is no buyers premium, this is significantly cheaper than traditional markets or other online offerings.  

    What information can I see about the animals for sale?

    You’re able to review the medical history, growth rates, weight and breeding information of the animal, if you’re interested in Farm Assurance status of the farm contact the trading team.

    How does it work?

    When an offer is made, the seller will review it, if they accept it a notification is sent to the buyer via the app and email. They’ll be prompted to make a payment into the Breedr Bank Account.

    When the cattle are collected we’ll release the payment to the seller so you don’t have to worry about being out of pocket.

    Can I get support with valuing my animals or the animals I’m looking at?

    Our dedicated team of livestock professionals are on hand to help you every step of the way. Contact them today to get support for the best deal.

    Precision tools for your sustainable supply-chain