Our free app makes it quick and easy to capture births, movements, meds and weights as you farm

Weigh smarter with Crush Mode

Weigh an animal in 10 seconds with Crush Mode and get real-time performance analytics to help you make the best decision straight away.

  • Integration with weigh scales and EID readers 
  • Automated weighing of animals with real-time data
  • Six way drafting to Groups, Fields and Pens
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  • Live performance data to drive DLWG
  • Log treatments and medicines at the Crush
  • Log notes and alerts for follow up
  • Check withholding and days on farm before drafting for sale on Breedr
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“10 stars! A really helpful and user-friendly program – great support team too!”

Helen Newman, Dorset

Medicine Cabinet & Vet Med reports

Faster than paper, the medicine cabinet automatically keeps your reports up-to-date so you’re always compliant. 

  • Scan your medicine barcode on your phone to fill your cabinet
  • Log treatments against specific animals or groups
  • Automatic compliance reporting for digital audits 
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  • Automatically pull in batch numbers, withdrawal and active ingredients
  • App tracks your usage and updates your cabinet levels
  • Analyse your medicine usage and identify improvements in husbandry and sourcing
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Breedr is compliant with

Monitor on the go

View and update the complete history, weight and performance status of every animal anytime, anywhere on your mobile. 

  • Move animals between groups and fields
  • Update animal records in real-time
  • Automated alerts and filters
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  • Look up animal history in the mobile app
  • EID tag and stick reader integration
  • Automated alerts and filters
  • Add notes or actions to follow-up on later
  • Log feed rations by pens and groups
  • App works even if you’re offline, updates automatically when you’re back in signal
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“Before, it was all pieces of paper and massive lists, but now it’s all available at the click of a button – when I want to know anything, I just access the app.”

Doug Dear (Beef Innovator of the Year 2015), North Yorkshire

Fields, groups and pens

Organise your farm and monitor your performance by fields, groups and pens, increasing the average DLWG and managing underperforming animals.

  • Monitor performance by group and return
  • Move animals between fields and pens 
  • Set targets for weight and age and track animal performance
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  • Bulk log activities to groups of animals and fields
  • Set breeding, terminal and dairy groups in system
  • Capture return per hectare
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Breeding & calving

Optimise your genetics and simplify calving with the Breedr app and individual animal analytics, capturing breeding information, DAM and SIRE information.

  • Log a birth and assign it to the Dams and Sires on your mobile app
  • Identify best performing Dams and Sires 
  • Capture calving details including vigour, weight and ease 
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  • Log notes about bulling to see repeats and identify issues
  • Update animal records with pregnancy testing scanning results
  • Store all breeding SIREs and Straws directly in the system
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Movements, deaths and regulatory

Keep your regulatory information up to date on the go and ready to send to BCMS and ScottEID or pull from APHIS.

  • Move animals between farms and holdings retaining history
  • Log births and deaths directly into the app 
  • Automatically import PDF carcass reports
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  • Print out as inspection-ready reports
  • Save regular movements for easy administration
  • Review these and send to BCMS at a click of a button or download these for other systems like APHIS.
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Move off farm

“Great phone app! Estimated weights are brilliant for using with medicine dosage, thank you!”

Elaine Taylor, East Sussex

Purchase and sale records

Stay on top of your commercial returns increasing profit every time you weigh, tracking purchase prices, sales, feed and medicine costs.

  • Log purchase prices and weights
  • Track sale prices and carcass details
  • Automatically import PDF carcass report
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  • Track feed ration and medicine costs to analyse your cost of production
  • Review group margins and performance
  • Track historic trends in your own marketing and purchasing
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Team collaboration

Add as many team members, farm holdings and animals as you need for seamless real-time collaboration and time saved everyday. 

  • Unlimited team members on your account
  • Real-time data updates across the entire team
  • Share alerts and flags for team members 
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  • No limit to animals
  • Multiple farm holding
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