Weigh your Cattle to win a Honda Quad Bike this Winter!

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This winter we’re giving away TWO Honda quad bikes worth nearly £7,000 each to the beef farmers who log the best average DLWG between 1st December and 31st March in the free Breedr app.

Simply weigh your cattle using Breedr and you’ll automatically be entered into the competition.
With two categories – Steers & Heifers under & over 12 Months – everyone has a chance to win!

To help you get started we’ll send you a £100 voucher to spend on Tru-Test weigh kit in our shop when you connect your Breedr account to BCMS or ScotEID, or upload your animal records from APHIS!

We’ll announce our two winners at the start of April, who will each zoom off on their brand new Honda Fourtrax quad bike worth nearly £7,000.

How to get started with Weigh to Win

*To receive your free £100 voucher simply connect your BCMS or ScotEID (or upload your APHIS database if you farm in Northern Ireland) to your free Breedr account. A minimum of 10 animals must be added. 

**Breedr complies fully with data protection legislation and will not use or share your data to other users in the competition. Weekly leaders boards will be published with farm name and DLWG data only with consent from the farmer. Please refer to our Privacy Policy at https://www.breedr.co/privacy-policy/.

Download the full Terms & Conditions here.



How can I get started?

You can read our get started guide on our help centre

Do I have to use Crush Mode? Can I manually enter my weigh data?

Yes you can manually weigh and enter the weight details but we recommend for efficiency and accuracy to use Breedr’s Crush Mode. 

I can’t see in the app how to enter the competition?

To be in for a chance to win all you have to do is begin weighing. Breedr’s analysis tools can see the data you have added and you’ll be automatically entered into the competition. You just need to weigh a minimum of two weigh sessions, over a minimum of 4 weeks apart, to start getting a DLWG average. You can opt out of the competition at any time. Just email contact@breedr.co.

If I only became a member of Breedr after November 2020 can I still enter?

Yes. You can upload any weigh data to your account. Only the dates of the weighs for November will be counted in the competition. 

I only have 10 cows on my farm, is my herd too small to enter?

Of course you can enter. Farmers need to weigh a minimum of 10 cattle to be part of the competition. There is no maximum limit on cattle numbers.

Can I select the 10 animals I want to enter?

No, an average of all animals across the holding in each of the categories will used to judge DLWG performance.

Can I win in both categories

If you run a super slick farm and we can verify your winning weigh data yes it is possible to win in both categories.

Will Breedr Verify my data?

Breedr will run its own analytics on data and if the data appears erroneous, Breedr can disqualify or ask the farmer to show evidence of historical performance to verify weights on the property, if you’re in the top 2 for either category we’ll visit your farm before award the prize to verify your animal weights.

If I win the Quad bike what extra cost will I incur?

It will be your responsibility to insure and buy protective equipment if required (ie helmet) before you drive the Quad bike on your farm. You are responsible for the registration, tax and MOT (if needed) to be used on the road.

Is the Quad bike suitable for road use?