Why Breedr

5 reasons to join the Precision Livestock Network


We’re investing in British farmers

We believe British farmers have what it takes to lead the world when it comes to commercially and environmentally sustainable beef, and we’re backing you all the way with the free technology you need to achieve that goal.


We’re proven to deliver ultra-efficient beef

Our powerful growth predictor and free analytics make it easy for you to unlock the value of each and every individual animal, giving you a consistently high-performing and high-returning product.


Our tech just works

If it doesn’t make your life easier, faster and paper-free, it doesn’t make it into the app. Why? Because we know firsthand that when you’re at the sharp end of a 550 kilo bull you don’t want to be squinting to see the buttons!


We’re powered by farmers

Breedr’s growth predictor algorithm gets smarter the more animals that are weighed using the app, and with hundreds of progressive farmers joining our precision livestock network every month we’re excited to be co-creating a vibrant and rewarding future for the next generation.


We only make money when you do

We aim to help farmers produce better animals more efficiently for higher profits using our free app. If you choose to market your cattle for an even higher price using the Breedr app we take a small commission of 1-3% depending on the trade. Either way you own your own data and we will never ever share it without your clear permission.

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At Breedr we model true partnership between farmers, processors and retailers, helping everyone benefit from improved efficiencies in the meat supply chain.

You’re a Breedr farmer if you believe that:

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5 easy steps to ultra efficient beef:

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Best of all you’ll have our friendly team by your side every step of the way!

“We’re always searching for exciting and world-leading technologies that will drive agricultural productivity and create a greener and more sustainable food system in the UK. Breedr ticks all of these boxes.”

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