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Cost for cattle and sheep
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Breedr Pro

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Cost for cattle and sheep

This includes:
  • Multi-Species management for your sheep and cattle
  • Advanced Insights, performance, improve genetics, buying and
  • Make the most of Breedr with onboarding and phone support
  • Cashflow advance payments to support your business growth
  • Benchmark your farm versus similar farms to discover areas for improvement
Multiple holdings, 1 business, unlimited users
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* Cost will automatically update each month based on number of cattle in the breed app

  • Farm Networks link farms together to monitor the performance and status of all partner farms
  • Supply prediction, based on weight and date for future slaughter
  • Track all medicines and inputs across the supply chain
  • Custom Reports and Integrations for payments, antibiotics and many other needs
Larger Farms, advisors and supply chains
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* Cost will automatically update each month based on number of cattle in the breed app

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Discover how you can supercharge your farm with our simple, stress free and easy to use app.

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Features - Breedr Pro

These features are also included in the supply chain and advisors package


Herd and flock management

Keep track of where your animals are by organising them into fields, pens and groups. Use this information to track areas for improvement and easily identify animals in their management regime, all from your phone in the field.


Complete all movements, deaths and births directly from your phone, linking EID and scanning passports directly to your mobile.

Map your farm 

Map your farm in minutes using satellite imagery, name and manage your fields and assign animals to them, move them around your farm and use utilisation reports to track your usage and field performance.

Regulatory link and reports

Connect BCMS or ScotEID and complete movements and birth registrations from your phone, scan passports to move animals onto your farm and logs births directly from the shed, updating your herd book report automatically.

Weigh with bluetooth

Connect your phone directly with a compatible EID reader and weigh scales to capture weights and other insights as you work, allowing you to have insights on animals when you need it to action improvements quickly.

Breeding and PD testing

Log PD tests, bulling, AI and other breeding activities to monitor your cows and expected due dates of calves. Capture Dam and Sire to build genetic line information for breeding decisions.

Medicine cabinet for farm assurance

Scan medicines to fill your cabinet and track administered medicines treatments across your team and all animals which seamlessly updates your compliance reports.

Farm worker management

Add your farm manager, workers and guests to your account so that everyone on the farm stays up to date at the same time.

Tailored set up and phone support
Get the most out of Breedr, our customer success team will help you import data, get connected to regulatory systems so you can improve animal profit even faster.
Easy data import

Import either historic data or data directly off the stick reader or weigh scale, so we can do the hard work to generate the insights. 

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Get the Breedr livestock app today!

Discover how you can supercharge your farm with our simple, stress free and easy to use app.

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Features - Supply-chain & advisors

This includes the Breedr Pro package features, plus:

Connect partner farms
Add farms to your network so they can choose to easily share information to manage your supply chain or advisory services.
View supply and predicted slaughter dates
National map view of farms and animals, to easily manage logistics between farms, movement dates and predicted slaughter dates for animals.
Benchmark farms in the supplier group 
Help your partner farms improve with anonymised benchmarking in the supplier group around antibiotics, welfare and growth rates.
Coordinate movements between farms 

Add capacity to each farm to see when and where animals will need to move in the supply chain.

Lifetime antibiotic and assurance  

Track lifetime antibiotic use, farm assurances, for animals on an individual basis to guarantee quality.

Custom reports and integrations 
Customise the reports you need to run your business, from payment reports, to data integrations with feed systems, environmental tracking or other third-party systems.
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Features - Supply chain & advisors
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"Breedr has made the biggest difference to our business, we couldn't do without it”

Cheryl Reeves

Frequently asked questions

How do I know how much I will pay?

You can use our handy calculator above to check how much you will pay based on the number of animals on your farm. 
When you subscribe, you select the correct tier based on the number of animals on your farm.

What happens if my animal numbers change?

At the end of the month we'll take an average of the number of animals on your farm, if it is different from your current bracket we will contact you and move you on to the correct pricing tier.

How do I pay?

Head to our sign up page and follow the simple instructions to download and subscribe to the Breedr app. When you sign up you will need to insert card details, although you will not be charged until your 30 day trial has ended.



Do you offer any discounts?

If you buy your subscription up front for a year, you'll get a 15% discount on our monthly price.

Can I cancel my membership

You can manage your account and cancel your subscription at any time. Just head to the subscriptions part of the Breedr app.

What are the customer support opening hours?

The UK based customer support team is available between 9am – 5:30pm Mon-Fri.