What is Breedr Pro?

Breedr Pro is our premium membership tier designed for beef and sheep farmers looking to take their farm business to the next level of success, while streamlining the admin burden on their team.

Key benefits that are only available with Pro membership include: 

Manage your farm with maps

Breedr Pro allows you to map all your fields on your farm in minutes, and  then allocate animals between locations either as a group or individually. 

  • Track where your animals are: share this information with your team and for regulatory requirements.

  • Satellite mapping tools: allow you to easily create new and existing fields quickly.

  • Quick swipe functionality: moves your animals in bulk and in the future track insights such as grazing utilisation.

Manage your cattle and sheep in the same app

If you have cattle and sheep, Breedr Pro allows you to manage both your cattle and sheep enterprises on one platform for the first time:

  • One medicine cabinet for both species: access all your medicines from one place and administer for either species

  • Species separate reports: weigh sessions, medicine book and performance reports created separately for cattle or sheep

  • Species switcher: switch between species to show lists of either animals

  • Locate all your animals: fields and pens view show all animals so you can manage your whole farm

Benchmark your farm performance in real-time

The Pro Benchmark report can compare your business and animal performance against national farmers as well as other Breedr farmers of the same system type in your geographical region. You can benchmark against:

  • Daily Live Weight Gain: see DLWG performance against animal age with additional option to filter on breeds

  • Age at Slaughter: monitor annual variation of slaughter age

  • Breeding Metrics: compare a wide range of fertility KPIs against AHDB targets, both at a Herd and Individual animal level 

  • Medicines and Mortality: track medicine administrations and mortality (coming soon)

Dedicated phone support

While chat support is helpful there's nothing quite like speaking to someone on the phone. From now on:

  • Only Pro members will be able to reach our fabulous and friendly customer support team on the phone

  • Every new Pro member will also receive a bespoke 45-minute start-up session to make sure you're farm is set up correctly from the very start.

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How to get Breedr Pro for free

1. Sign up for a free account

2. Buy or sell over 20 animals with Breedr in the Livestock Marketplace

3. You will be upgraded to a free 12 month subscription of Breedr Pro (worth £354) within 14 days. 

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