We know many of you share Breedr with your friends and neighbours already - our 5 star app store reviews tell that story!

We want to reward you for sharing Breedr and that is why we're launching our new referral program. It’s simple, share your love of Breedr and earn £100 off your subscription per referral

How the Refer-a-Friend Scheme Works

Participating in our refer-a-friend scheme is simple and rewarding. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Invite Your Friends: recommend Breedr to your friends and get them to sign up to an annual subscription.
  2. Your Friend Joins Breedr: When your friend signs up to an annual subscription, let us know in the form below
  3. Earn £ off your subscription: When you refer a friend we will give you £100 off your subscription renewal

What’s in it for You?

We believe that good deeds should be rewarded. For every successful referral, you will get £100 off your Breedr subscription

At Breedr, we’re committed to making farming smarter, more sustainable, and more collaborative. By referring friends to join Breedr, you’re not only helping them improve their farming operations but also contributing to the advancement of the entire agricultural community.

Ready to spread the word? Start sharing this link with your friends to subscribe and start earning today!

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