Breedr, the livestock app built to make your farm more productive and save you time on paperwork, is entering into a partnership with the Tenant Farmers Association. Breedr is offering 10% off its livestock app for all TFA members, plus a 30 day FREE trial.

The app, which works on mobile, tablets and computers, is a great way to track your livestock, taking the guesswork out of herd and flock management. The UK based customer support team is available via chat, phone and email. Breedr works with many common digital weigh heads and stick readers.

James Wright, UK Country Manager at Breedr says "As a tenant farmer myself, I know how important it is to keep your costs down, reduce time spent on paperwork and make sure that what you're doing is profitable. To be able to support Tenant Farmers Association members, with 10% off our subscription, is fantastic."

TFA members can find out more details about how to get started and to claim this TFA discount by clicking here.

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