The Worlds First Beef App Capable of Optimizing Cattle Production Throughout the Beef Supply Chain

Austin, Texas, January 31st, 2024 — Breedr, the leading provider of intuitive software for the global beef industry, announces its official launch in the United States with a vision aimed at fostering collaboration and efficiency across the beef supply chain.

As the world’s only livestock management app capable of tracking individual cattle all the way along the chain - from initial genetics through to the end product - Breedr is uniquely placed to deliver big-data insights capable of transforming the efficiency and quality of American beef. 

Combining individual animal data with AI insights generated from millions of cattle, the company provides tailored feedback to help each partner in the chain optimize their own production.

Breedr’s ‘Profit through Partnership’ model delivers cumulative & mutually beneficial efficiency-gains for everyone in the chain, continually improving consistency, meat quality and total returns for ranchers, while simultaneously tracking and reducing carbon emissions.

“Having grown up around farmers and ranchers, I'm proud of the way Breedr has been able to capitalize on technological advances to empower beef producers,” says Ian Wheal, Founder and CEO of Breedr. “Since our launch in 2020 Breedr has helped over 3,000 UK farms digitize their herds, and since relocating our Head Office to Austin, Texas we’re excited by how quickly progressive American ranchers and supply chains are embracing the opportunities of our technology.”

“Meaningful data in the Beef Supply chain had been sorely lacking and slow to develop” says Mike DeGroot, Founder TD Beef “TD Beef can’t manage what it can’t measure. Breedr took our risk down and our profits up. Now we are achieving optimal outcomes, on purpose”.

Cow calf ranchers and seed stock ranchers are seeing rapid genetic advances, improvements in weaning weights by over 50 lbs and benefiting from precise culling insights. Easy to use inventory and EPD management saves considerable time, while also increasing their marketing options. 

For Backgrounders and feedyards the Breedr app facilitates increased custom feeding, boosts prime percentage by as much as 10%, reduces days on feed, and improves the sourcing of high-quality cattle through genomic sorting.

Packers and Retailers are benefiting from increased consistency and quality of beef as well as unlocking huge efficiency gains from Breedr’s supply forecasting, capacity and supply-chain management tools and expertise

Additionally, Breedr finance partnerships are helping feedyards expand and supporting more ranchers to retain ownership on cattle, increasing their returns. 

“With over 400,000 animals already in Breedr's U.S. supply chains, we're working everyday to support the future of the industry” says Ian Wheal. “By giving beef producers the tools they need to produce better beef, improve their returns, and ultimately ensure that the beef industry and the land it relies on is preserved for our children's children".


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