Succession, sustainability and leadership are the themes of the British Cattle Breeders Club Conference 20-22 January 2020; informed decision making for all three of these elements can be improved with the right data, according to Breedr’s James Wright, who is also a livestock farmer.

Breedr will be attending the conference for the first time to discuss how its precision livestock network adds value to the data that most farmers and breeders already collect on various spreadsheets, apps and bits of paper.

Breedr is compatible with farm management systems, so information on health and genetics can seamlessly be integrated with data on nutrition and performance. The latter can be input automatically via Bluetooth from weighheads and EIDs.

James comments, “Breedr comes into its own when deciding which sires to breed from. You can look at sire performance, even of individual animals within the same breed, and compare your own animals with those bought in to see which are performing the most efficiently.

“This information is displayed graphically, without the need to combine data from different spreadsheets, so it is much easier to make decisions such as when to cull and which animals to keep in the herd.”

Breedr will be demonstrating how its precision livestock network enables farmers to rear better animals and trade smarter at the British Cattle Breeders Club Conference, Telford, Shropshire.

Speakers at the event include:

  • Sophie Throup, Senior Agricultural Manager, Wm Morrison plc – “Beef into the future”
  • Dr Tim Byrne, Managing Director, AbacusBio – “How heavy is too heavy?”
  • Dr Jude Capper, livestock sustainability consultant – “Going green”
  • Neil Eastham, Bishopton Veterinary Group – “Future-proofing your herd”
  • Innovative farmers and breeders

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