Breedr invites Dairy-Tech farmers to trial its precision livestock tool

There is mounting pressure on dairy and the wider agricultural industry to become Net Zero[i], but to achieve this better methods are needed to measure performance and increase transparency in the value chain. Agri-tech start-up Breedr is developing a new online trading platform, supported by a smart contracts system and underpinned by scientific evidence, that will help farmers improve productivity while cutting waste and emissions. Breedr will be sharing insights in the Innovation Hub at Dairy-Tech 2020.

Providing evidence of good environmental credentials is a brand differentiator and it is attracting younger people into the industry.

Kostas Ntolkeras, now a fullstack software developer for Breedr, was working on financial economics at Imperial College London when he became aware of the Breedr’s groundbreaking work in digitising livestock production.

He says: “Agri-tech is really exciting, it’s a sector that has not yet been disrupted by technology and you feel like you can make a real difference.”

Kostas Ntolkeras, Breedr fullstack engineer
Kostas Ntolkeras, Breedr fullstack engineer

Enabling farmers to determine the ‘point of peak profit’ would improve productivity and profitability. Healthy lower weight cattle, finished rapidly to meet buyers’ specifications, produce less methane emissions over their lifetime, so giving farmers the tools to decide which animals in the herd produce the best male calves for dairy beef would also reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Kostas continues: “We are aiming to create a platform that helps farmers, reduces waste, improves animal welfare and makes the whole supply chain more efficient end-to-end.

“There are days when I’m out on the farm, talking to farmers and getting their feedback, which is helpful to ensure I’m developing solutions that work in practice.

“I am also researching different blockchain models, assessing their viability – the commercial aspect of blockchain – and developing a Breedr-specific solution.”

Breedr is leading a consortium that is developing an innovative smart contract system; it includes Imperial College London and meat processor Dunbia and is backed by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency. The project uses blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) to capture the complicated flows of data between the different parties in the livestock industry. It will offer improved traceability within the supply chain and support online trading.

Kostas became involved while studying for his Computing Science Masters at Imperial College London, he explains: “I’ve been interested in blockchain and machine learning for a while, so this opportunity to have an impact on the ‘real world’ economy was a real draw – especially as farming has such a big stake in providing for the needs of society.”

Breedr is currently seeking dairy farmers to trial their precision livestock network, which includes the improved DLT traceability system. For more information visit


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