The AHDB average for cattle growth is 0.7kg per day, and the average on Breedr is 1.2kg per day. At current market rates, a kilogram liveweight is worth £2.20, so the difference per day between the average and Breedr is the equivalent of £1.10 per day. Across the year is £401.5 per animal, farmers who are hitting their growth rates could be earning tens of thousands a year more with Breedr.

Weighing cattle regularly allows you to quickly identify animals within the herd that are not performing to their full potential. This allows you to take action to get them back on track or make the decision to sell them sooner.

Using the Breedr reports you can easily review and analyse the weight data you have gathered. You can identify genetic lines that are producing the fastest growing animals, see where individuals or groups might not be performing as expected and benchmark against regional figures.

You don’t need fancy equipment to weigh on Breedr, you can search tag numbers and tap weights in manually from a manual weigh head. It’s definitely faster than paper! 

If you want to invest in weigh bars and a weighead, we recommend the TruTest S3. This easy to use, reliable and inexpensive weighead connects via bluetooth to Breedr so you can weigh hands free. Many of our farmers attach their phone to the crush by the headstock for ease. It even reads out weights allowing you to make decisions without touching your phone.

Breedr gives you real-time information on individual animal performance. Allowing you to bring corrective action while the animal is in front of you, not when you’re back in the office. 

If you want to take the next step and make weighing even easier you could introduce EID tags. If you have EID and a stick reader you can simply scan the tag and the weight will automatically be sent to the app on your phone meaning you don’t have to manually enter it. Some EID tags are reusable so you don’t have the expense of buying new tags every time.  We recommend the TruTest SRS2 which is an affordable, reliable and durable stick reader. 

Weighing your livestock has never been more important and it’s also never been so easy with the Breedr app. If you want to get started, have a look at the shop on our website where we stock some useful kit, if you are unsure get in touch with us.

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